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23 November 2006

I'm Not on toot

Not on itoot
You sure know about that Arabic blog aggregator called itoot, if you ever try to submit your blog there, you'll notice that the guys there are very selective. They choose to accepts certain blogs and just ignore others, and there is nothing on their site that says what is the criterion they use to accept or refuse blogs. Bloggers whose blogs are included into itoot, normally put a logo there saying "I'm on toot". So I decided to put an anti-logo here saying "I'm Not on toot", and you are free to add the same logo on your blog too if you want. By the way, Lasto-adri *Blue* thinks I will look silly if I put such logo on my blogs, but guess what, I don't care, I just like the idea :)

Here you are the code for adding the logo on your blog too:
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" alt="Anti itoot">

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  1. please add kaman en I refuse iToot to add me aslan to their aggregator..

    anyways, check lasto and bluelue :)

  2. hehehehe...sweet revenge :D

  3. hehe...I'm not on toot either so maalish. I have a theory that they prefer bloggers from the hashemite kingdom of boredom ;)

  4. @Blue, Guys, blue dun want to be added there :)

    @Layal, Not revenge, just pissed off of them :)

    @Amira, Not only Hashemit, I think there are some Egyptians there too. I really can't find the criterion they use!

  5. I posted this on Ha ana Za! :)

    I know that this might sound rude but I think there are blogs on itoot that is not well selected.

    The fact that the itoot people doesn't respond to your request with one line goes to show that it is not done right.

    I have never sent anything to Alaa and didn't get a response. if you look at you will see how rich the blog is with excellent analysis and sources, Terry Scott in a very short time did prove an excellent blogger in the Arab world,when submitted to itoot he recieved no response whatsoever.

    When I check itoot I see blogs there with bloggers writing about brushing their teeth experience and how they go shopping with friends. My response is give me a break people :)

    So in a way it is good not to be on itoot heheheee.

    BTW my blog doesn't qualify to be on itoot so I'm not posting this out of being jealous or upset, it is just an honest opinion.

  6. hehehe, this is fun...

    There is no special criteria. I guess...
    The take in consideration geographic distribution.. and their personal opinion about the blog.. I guess.

    but, nice campaign.

  7. Arima, I hoped that the mix of Egyptian and British genes have taught u to think before u write or say anything... u have no right to say "the Hashemite kingdom of boredom" u owe every Jordanian an apology! I am sorry, but your comment is very inappropriate

  8. I'm sorry I but's a phrase I actually heard from a Jordanian tourist guide in Amman- I didn't mean any offense though. i actually really quite like amman :)

  9. lol I like it! I'll use it on my blog. Thanks :-D

  10. i will use it as well :)

  11. Lovey idea :) I love it
    I'm proud to welcome you to Qwaider Planet

  12. Hi everyone,

    My name is Ahmad Humeid and I am one of the founders of toot.

    Let me first say that it a mistake on our part not to respond to people who submit. Sincere apologies for that to anyone out there who has submitted his/her blog and not received a reply.

    Let me also say that the the "I am not on toot" button is cool. Thanks for the extra exposure for toot :)

    We had many discussions with bloggers over the past months about our criteria. Some of these discussions were quite heated and all kinds of accusations were thrown at us. (Jordan-bias, circle of friends, political direction, etc etc).

    We know we cannot make everyone happy. But we probably need to make our criteria/lackthereof clearer on the site itself.

    We basically seek to include blogs that add the diversity of our selection. Diversity from the perspective of: opinions, topics, seriousness/sillines, male-female, gepographic.

    And let me remind you that what makes blogs os great for many is that you can read about people brushing their teeth sometimes, which is something you will not get in your daily newspaper.

    We seek blogs who have been around for a while, that have a loyal audience and good or promising amount of traffic.

    There is no "scientific" way to choose what goes on toot, and I am sure our biases as a team sometimes affect our selection.

    What we are NOT is a general arab blog aggregator or a technorati replacement.

    We recently removed some inactive blogs from toot.

    I don't think anyone would dispute that toot aggregates some of the most respected blogs in the Arab world.

    Lastly, we are a really small team and we have been very busy with our second product, which is the first Arabic video/photo sharing site.

    So frogive us if we have not perfected everything. We hope to become more responsive and that we'll be able to add more blogs to toot soon.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  13. Great work keep it to this button" width="142" height="29" alt="i'm not"

  14. As Ahmad just said, you are actually promoting toot through your cute graphic. I have not been on toot for months, but I visited toot today because of your logo ;). If you really want to make a difference, you should create your own blog aggregator, and have better marketing and customer service ;).


    Mohammed Musleh

  15. I tried before..same response.
    So, I am not on toot