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26 November 2006

I Just Talk The Way I Do

When I talk to someone, I don't take the age of our friendship into consideration in order to see what to say, and what not to say. I am not talking about the type of topics I can discuss with them. But I mean, ... hmmm ... let me write a sample conversation here in order to make myself clearer.
Me: Hi.
Someone: Hi, be right back ... errr ... ok, never mind, I think I'll not go now.
Me: Come on, are you drunk or something!? :)
Someone: Please keep in mind that you are not entitled to talk to me in that manner.
Me: Sorry :S
Someone: I was going to do something, then changed my mind.
Me: Whatever, I don't care. I was just kidding.
Someone: Then watch your words.
Me: Nop, I'll not talk to you anymore instead.
The point is that, I don't see problem in mocking someone or speaking in an informal way, as long as what I say doesn't contradict with my morals, and that it is not going hurt him/her as well. And if someone doesn't see so, then it's his/her problem, and he/she doesn't worth being talked to.

Note: One of the bloggeresses that I know advised me to write personal and social posts, beside those political and technical topics I used to write here. However, I know my writing style sucks when it comes to such kind of post, and I'm sure you've noticed this right now :)

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  1. I've accidentally offended people before, saying something that I thought was innocent, and like you, I'll say "sorry" a couple of times but if they don't get over it I'm not going to kiss their foot.

    (Long sentence. How's that for writing style.)

  2. Tarek,
    I have noticed that for the first time I believe you are talking personal in here and that's really goooooood, it sounded so sincere and you.
    Look about this conversation, I have the feeling it wasn't face to face or even a phone conversation, there are factors that help showing what you really mean... but texting always makes this confusion. misunderstandings happen and don't get defensive or aggressive because of them,,, just make it short and that someone will feel he/she has said something wrong or didn't understand ur friendly spontaneous way.

  3. It's funny, this happens to me all the time!
    I think it's people's way to intimadate you into doing things thier way. Not your own way
    This is my very first comment here, but, not the last.

  4. @Laura, I can't imagine that someone can be offended from what I said. It's really insane :)

    @Nisso, Yes, it was an online chat.

    @Qwaidar, First of all, welcome here and thanks for your comment. The point is that sometimes people prefer to create barriers between them and the others by acting in such way. For them, this is the only way to make others respect them. Funny huh ?!

  5. You should listen to that 'favorite' blogger of yours; I'm sure they know what they're talking about ;)

  6. I totally agree with you .... Absolutely correct

  7. hmmmm...I personally didn't see what was insulting in that conversation....mind you my British friends don't call me tactless and Egyptian for nothing :) I like the new style Tarek....I thought you were always hiding behind your techno babble anyway.....what are you trying to hide Tarek...huh...huh? :p

  8. At least you genuinely apologised to them, if they still give you a hard time even after the apology then they aren't worth the bother. I've chatted to weird people in the past too... some people arent worth the energy in your fingers.

  9. @Sou, sure ;)

    @Arima, Nothing to hide dear :)

    @Madeeha, Actually it's not even a friend, so I just don't care, I am surprised from the attitude, that's it.

  10. I'm not sure anyone I know (or would normally talk to) would be offended by a comment like that. Who ever you were talking to needs to be a bit more open minded.
    For me, a blog is not as interesting if there is no insight into the writer's life.

  11. ^o)
    lol what was so offensive about that? 'Someone' is definately wierd. no offense :p

  12. Hello. Im a newbie to this blog and blogging for that matter! Would like to add my 2 cents and say that…

    Instant messaging is tricky due to the non-existence of tone (voice) involved in typing conversations. Personally, I have gotten into this mess before where not only words were an issue but also when you are still on a topic and someone jumps to another topic and then responses either don’t make sense or are taken in offence.

  13. @Laura, thanks, this is what I am trying to do now, and looking forward to receive you comments.

    @Palo, cool, so I did nothing wrong, thanks God.

    @Joy, that's why people shall be more open minded, and "yaltameso el a3zar" to each other.

  14. Tareq, it's me, ana ba comment aho ya m3alem :) w metnsash tany ba2a, ya3ny ma sada2t tekteb 7aga personal, afhamha ;)

  15. hehe sou is a bad influence don't listen to her, stick to political posts :P
    but as for your post, i think it all depends on how well u know the person... because to be honest with you when people start acting to familiar with me saying things that could bother me, i do get mad, so i guess i am one of those people that you are talking about... but its ur life, u should do as you please so long as u dont hurt others...