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14 November 2006

Do Girls Love, or Hate each other!?

We - boys - don't normally remember each others birthdays, When we meet we just shake hands, or even say hi and that's it. We visit each other in order to exchange video-games and movies only. We don't even know our friend's parents names, nor what did they have for lunch today.

On the other hand, it is normal to see girls arranging a birthday party for a friend. They hug each other when they meet, even if they meet twice a day. It's normal for them to visit each other, and sleep over there. They share secrets related to their private lives, it's even normal in movies to see girls asking one of their friends who's just married, how did she like her first sexual intercourse.

So, it's obvious that girls relations with each other is much stronger than guys. But, don't you normally see girls saying how jealous they are from other girls they know? Isn't it common to see girls envy a friend of them coz she is much prettier than them, or coz guys like here more? Isn't it common to see girls competing for something, or someone, and doing tricks and dumping each other for that thing or person they all are competing for?

That's why I ask myself "Do Girls Love, or Hate each other!?"

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  1. LOL … You made me laugh ya Tarek, Look the first part about girls’ relationship with each other is very much true and so is the second part but you only missed a point… the first case they are FRIENDS… so they arrange for parties, share secrets, … etc.
    And it’s not really about girls or guys, I personally see guys jealous of each other and talk very badly about them and sometimes spread rumors or mock them … it’s human nature my friend. But as a rule, yes girls definitely are warmer and more emotional :P

  2. Yeah! Rock on buddy! We have to turn the table on their Opera loving a**s man!

    Girls always blame us for stupid meaningless things and its time we act back! They're not the perfect beings dude! So what if I forgot a birthday or an anniversary? Who do they put so much importance on stupid things? And its like they're tricking us into trouble so that we feel guilty cause if my girlfriend really loved me she would remind me of any upcoming special occasion or at least tell one of her friends or mine to remind me of it! But no! thats not what happens, you start up a day normally just like 99% of straight dudes who don't even bother to know what the day is unless its the weekend and bam, when the night comes and she "discovers" that you've forgotten a rotten "first kiss" stupid thing anniversary then you are in trouble for at least a week and you end up buying gifts twice or three times as much as gifts you would've gotten if you remembered in the first place!

    Girls, you're nasty opportunistic bitches! And we forget, the only birthday I remember is mine, actually its the only day in the calender that I remember so buzz off...

  3. I think I must be a 3rd sex in this case :) I actually prefer the company of guys to girls because of the lack of all these stupid complications. A friendship with a man is clear-cut and devoid of sharing secrets, being jealous, bitchiness etc.
    Generally men are easier to deal with!

  4. arima is right .. it is a lot easier to hang out woth the guys or discuss anything with them than to stay around girls.....they just take notice of every detail and they seek explanations for every move and every look .....o god it could have been a lot easier if the girls would stay at home and wait for a groom .......
    el masry affendi

  5. Yes women sometimes do get Jealous of each other or envious of each other from that insecurity that another girl is be prettier than them etc... Though men also compete with each other but in a different way... but i wouldnt go as far as saying that men are superior, there are alot of things about men which i really dont like just as there are things about women.

  6. generally these male competitions and jealousies are kept between men tho ;)
    I definitely wouldn't say they're superior just different and it depends what ur used to- I grew up surrounded by men- brothers, cousins etc and very few girls so i guess that's the reason

  7. Men and women are clearly created differently. I disagree with male competitions being kept between men... some men generally tend not to like being told what to do by a woman and that is classed as competition and dominance...

    I'm not saying here that women are better than men or vice versa... just the fact that they are different..

    For example, speaking generally just like men cannot help forgetting events like anniversaries... women on the other can cannot help not forgetting such events... women are the more emotional sex and i think that is required, how else would a mother's love exist for her baby?

    i believe that life is a balance, and a man, and a woman providing they can get on well and connect with each other.. can create the perfect balance together.

  8. :)))
    Nice post Tarek.
    And I agree with you about the 2 parts, yes girls are more emotional than guys and yes they can be friends and still feel jealous of each others, but I can say that this happen in low ages, I mean for all my life I was prefering to have guy-friends than to have girl-friends , and now I thinks that it depends on the kind of girls I met, I had and still have many perfect girl-friends, and as I grew up I think that it's always better to have girl-friend..for us girls and for you guys..girl-friend always win:)

  9. la2 3aad 7araam 3aleikom.. we're not all like that! i admit that a lot of girls ARE, bass hadool illi mokh'hom fadi.

    and yes we are more emotional... what's wrong with hugging? heik Allah khala2na!

    Arima: owch! fada7teena! :p

  10. Engy also brought up a good point about "ages"... maturity or immaturity plays a big part.. but in both girls and boys :o)

  11. girls are more mature den lads and girls take more responsibility den lads so wen girls are friends, dey stick together through de good times and bad times

  12. you know, i don't really think it's something that's strictly to girls. Maybe it's because guys don't have a certain image they have to keep, but girls, well we're pressed into a silly little mold of what a perfect woman is. eventually that pressure gets to us. If we can't fight out like a man with fists; then we have to settle with gossip to our friends, or bitch calling the enemy. so technically I suppose girls can blame it all on men, or really stupid mothers. :P

  13. Girls are just very jealous of one another.