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19 November 2006

Nokia Sensor

I went to Nokia site in order to download Nokia PC Suite on my new laptop, where I found a new software called Nokia Sensor. It seems that Nokia decided to enter the Social Softwares game. Nokia Sensor is a program you install on your mobile, where you create a profile - Folio - for yourself, then those people who are near you and have the same software can communicate and share files with you.
Actually, I don't have much info about it yet, that's why I am downloading it in order to see the various features in there. But it seems to be a cool and easy to use software for chat freaks. By the way, I guess you can download it via GPRS as shown here.

Nokia - Nokia Sensor.

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  1. it's cool..i have it!
    but i only use it with my sister coz she's the only one i know who use it :D

    it's funny...guestbook for each user that's public for everyone is kinda cute i think..

    we discovered it recently..actually my sister is trying this adding thing (buddies) right now...bas msh

  2. Unfortunately, lately I have been forced to use a Blackberry and I really miss my Nokia phone :(