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05 November 2006

The Egyptian Blogosphere, Make Yourself Heard.

Do we live in a closed bloggers society!? Is it only Egyptian readers who read the Egyptian blogs!? Do we - as Egyptian Bloggers - read blogs from other countries!?

I think one of the main fruits of blogging is knowing other cultures and making your self heard. And frankly, I can't say this is the case here. Of those blogs that I visit frequently, few ones are non-Egyptian blogs. Also, many Egyptian bloggers prefer to write in Arabic, and most of them write in Egyptian slang. And unfortunately, this may be the case with many other Arabic blogosphers too.

Guys, if you know good blogs from all over the world, please share them with us. And share your own blogs with other peoples as well, comment and participate in their blogs and get yourselves heard. We don't want to end up like the Arabic media where we talk to ourselves all the time.

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  1. well, i am not egyptian (american in fact) and i like to know what is going on in the world, from different perspectives than what we get from american media.

  2. this is great, and welcome to gr33ndata

  3. you have a damn good point there and thanks for making the wake up call- I had started only reading egyptian blogs- merely as an alternative source of news- but you'reright...must diversify!