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14 November 2006

Firefox X10sions

This is a list of the extensions I am using with Firefox.
  1. ChatZilla
  3. Download Statusbar
  4. FireFTP
  5. FoxNotes
  6. FoxyTunes
  7. McAfee SiteAdvisor
  8. PDF Download
  9. SearchWith
  10. Tabbrowser Preferences
By the way, if you need to migrate to another PC, this extension can help you keep all your installed extensions in one file to be installed in one step.

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  1. i love and there is another one i've come across called RSS TICKER.

    it basically streams your subscribed RSS feeds at the bottom of your browser window (think stock ticker). you can then click on stories and it opens them in a new window. very nice extension (or, as they are called now 'add ons').

  2. Well, let's see.. I scored 5 out of 10: ChatZilla, Download Statusbar, FireFTP, FoxyTunes (just great), and PDF Download.

    In addition, I also suggest:

    FlashGot (real handy)
    1-Click Weather (forecasting weather)
    Addblock Plus (more control)

  3. Thanks guys for your suggestions, waiting for you own lists too.