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07 November 2006

Eleven Websites, I Can't Imagine Life Without Them.

Al Arabiya, Arabic news website, it's not the best news site out there, but compared to Al Jazeera their webpage is much lighter and well designed, and on the other hand Filbalad is an Egyptian-News only website.

Blogger (Google), without Blogger/Blogspot, life will lose a lot, reading a good blog post is much better than playing an online game for me. (Yahoo), It's a good way of bookmarking your stuff online on the fly, I like the Tagging thing, it's more effective than groups/folders. I like to watch other people's bookmarks as well, they sometimes share cool stuff there.

Flickr (Yahoo), I like to upload my masterpieces and photos taken by my phone camera there. I also like to watch my contacts new photos. I forgot to tell you, I like photography, and wish to find some photography course someday, and buy a Nikon D80.

Gmail (Google), I used to hate Hotmail but I was forced to use it when it was the only email service out there.

Google Reader (Google), some features are still missing there, and my sources needs tons of work and organization. Some feeds needs to be deleted, some categories needs better feeds. But at the end of the day, I can't deny that it is one of my new sources

Google Search (Google), hey, who can live without it!?

Juniper (Juniper Networks), I just need to access this site almost every day at work, that's it.

Manal and Alaa, if you are an Egyptian Blogger, then you sure know why it is on this list. It's anyones gateway to the Egyptian blogosphere

Technorati (David L. Sifry), Sometimes it is really useful to know who is referring to your blog in his/her posts. I also use it for searching for specific blog posts and topics.

Wikipedia (Wikimedia), There is a huge buzz about it and whether the information there is authenticated and trusted or not, but it is a free source of knowledge, and even if some information there is flawed, it's better than nothing.

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  1. Wait for your blog in the "Eleven Websites, I Can't Imagine Life With Them" list

  2. thanks tarek...interesting and useful list :)

  3. You're welcome Amira, aka Princess

  4. you know what's funnier??? Is that that actually IS my name....British people always find that really funny :)

  5. Yeah, if you try to translate Arabic names into English, they will look really funny.

  6. When in the cyberspace history when Hotmail was the only email service out there?!

  7. @Anonymous, Let me rephrase it, "I used to hate Hotmail but I was forced to use it when it was the only known email service to me, as well as to many of my friends"

  8. What do you mean, you can live without Global Voices :)

  9. Hahahahaa, oh wait, this was before knowing about the awesome GV for sure :)