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21 November 2006


An Arabic alternative to Flickr - combined with YouTube - has been launced. Ikbis is a web site for uploading and sharing photos as well as videos. It's still under heavy construction, even the about link there is not working yet. So, it is hard for me to give you more info about it now, however I have the feeling that the Jordanian-itoot guys are behind it. I am not sure of this, but look at the design, the tags used there, and even the site's name, "ikbis". It's so itootish.

*** Update ***
After some googling, it came out that I was right. Ikbis was founded by the same team which brought the itoot blogging community to the world. I knew it, I am a real genius.

Ikbis URL:

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  1. I wanted to join Itoot and till now I didn't receive anything from them , no problem for me but i felt it is a just another arabic thing
    anyway I prefer Flickr and youtube , more international ,more wide

  2. Same here Zeinab, they are very selective.
    And yes, I prefer Flickr too, even more than Picasa Web.
    About YouTube, I prefer Google Video to it.

  3. they r not selective but "nargsyeen"..

    I applied for membership twice before and they didnt reply yet! so i took the desicion, even if they added me I'll writ eit bluntly
    "NO, I do not accept, take it back without m3 el salama 7ata"

  4. Although I don't know what's the meaning of Nargesy, but yes, I sent them request and they didn't add me too.

  5. so I am not alone
    believe or not I received an answer for Technorati yet with all those millions of blogs they got and sloved my problem and those dear arabs didn't even say anything

    may be they choose blogs on content or something !!??
    No si !!

  6. People whose blogs are shown in itoot, put a logo on the blogs "I am on itoot".
    Let's start an anti-campaign here and put a logo on our blogs "i am not on itoot".
    I think Blue the campaign-girl can help us with this :)

  7. i hate to be categorized as "the campaign girl" !!! am not, by God's sack!!

    anywyas,,, regarding the issue, guess we'd look "el hableen" elli fl blog sphere if we ever placed such button..
    YET! if someone would do it with me, then ok... i'd kick it off and call it "anti itoot" or anyother slogn u'd take...

    JUST show me someone to back the whole thing...

  8. I back you, and I think many others will do, Miss campaign girl :P

  9. Tarek, I really wanna comment on your **UPDATE**!
    You're so modest! just teasing

    I totally agree to the I'm not on itoot button, but I have a different way of looking at it.. instead of I'm not on itoot... Its more of I'm not waiting for itoot to approve of me..

    "I'm not on anything.. I have my own mind"