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14 November 2006

M.I.T. Digital Drawing Board

I think we live in stone age here in Egypt :(

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  1. Wow

    that's neat!

    "I think we live in stone age here in Egypt :("

    in Kuwiat as well :(

  2. i want one of those
    now we don't have to worry about any one bombing us back to the stone age .. don't we :P

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  4. @TF, we all do

    @Memo, sure, show me your money and I'll get you one :)

  5. I loved it
    get me one of that kind ana kaman.
    i guess we have simulators in the petroluem field with high technology
    sure it is offered by the shareholders and for their own benefits.

  6. Amazing! I wouldnt say that the uk is in the stoneage but its not as advanced as this just yet.

    This will surely make design much easier and more interesting!

  7. This product is available at EBEAM. for about 900 dollars... Worth it...