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03 November 2006

Are they going to Block it!?

Many Egyptian Bloggers are expecting the Egyptian Government to block blogging services such as Blogspot, Wordpress, etc. So, here you are some suggestions just in case.

For the readers, just add the blogs you like to feed readers such "Google Reader", "Bloglines", etc. subscribe to as much feed readers as you can. So when they blog blogspot for example, you'll still be able to see the new blog posts in your feed reader. You may also use open proxy servers, and Google cached pages for reading blocked blogs.

For the bloggers, Blogspot has a nice feature called Mail-to-Blogger, so you can send an email to a specific address and then they will take the content of this mail and publish it into your own blog.

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  1. i can help too from here ya Tarek law ay 7ad 3ayez..i can publish there work maybe :$...bas ha7'od flous tab3an:P:P(jk)
    bas i don't think they will block it..ma3rafsh e7sas keda

  2. You know I was going to mention the mail to blog faiture
    but the bad thing that you won't be able to read and answer the comments :(

  3. @Layal, hope you are right and they dun block them insha'Allah.

    @Zeinobia, you can still read the comments, blogger can be configured to send you an email with the new comments. But you are right, you won't be able to comment on them.

  4. Excellent advice. Hopefully, the blog sites won't be blocked, but it's good to be prepared.

  5. What on earth for?? what harm is it doing??

  6. Hello Madeeha, the wonderful photographer, the problem with Egyptian blogs that they sometimes say staff the government want to hide. Like what happened in the "Sexual Harassment" issue that Malek - and Egyptian blogger - talked about and they kept on denying it. Also some political issues etc.

  7. Hello Tarek.. heheh thank you!

    Aah i understand why they're doing it but its a shame, because of that, yourself and other bloggers have to suffer.