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22 September 2005

Fanoos Ramadan

Fanoos Ramadan or Ramadan's Lamp is one of the Egyptian traditions however it is known in many other Islamic countries now. The tradition started in the year 358 AH (Hijri) on the 15th of Ramadan when the Fatimi leader El Mo'ez Le Deen Allah enered Egypt, and the Egyptians recieved him with lamps and torches. And since then the Fanoos has been known as one of the main symbols of Ramadan and most of the people own it and light it in Ramadan, especially children. There has been also varios songs related to Ramadan talking about the Fanoos and the Mesaharaty - some one who wakes people up at night in order to eat before fasting. The tradition fanoos contained a candle in it, while today's ones have different shapes and using battries and LED's instead of candles.


  1. kol sana w enta tayb..
    btw: thanks for the picture 3ashan i was looking for a proper fanoos.. for an english friend

    if u have other pictures and the konafa man.. please please please.. pass it over..
    i am in despreat need of it..


  2. We have big ones of those ”fanoos” we got them from Egypt .

    We put them in our living room in Ramadan; it gives a wonderful atmosphere to the place :)

  3. Blue: You are welcome my friend, and hope that your friend likes these Egyptian traditions.
    True Faith: That's nice, and hope you try the Egyptian sweets made in Ramdan as well.

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