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24 September 2005

Selective Blindness

The United Nations suffers from some kind of disease called Selective Blindness, the symptoms of such illness that it can selectively see some stuff and other stuff are entirely hidden to it. One of the recent issues is the request for a resolution requiring that Iran be reported to the Security Council at an unspecified date over its failure to show its nuclear programme was entirely peaceful, while Israel on the other hand does have a Nuclear Arsenal already but the U.N. cannot see that anyway. Tags: , ,


  1. ur right i sometimes think i suffer from the same thing

  2. Yeah and weak memory also :P

  3. with Severe stupidity I guess...United Nations they say!...Heh!!!

  4. I believe the selective blindness here is some people's ignorance of the fact that Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Israel did not.

    Neither did India and Pakistan btw, so perhaps these two should be compared to Israel, not Iran?

    Another issue seems to be that Iran has, as a matter of policy, plans to destroy another country. Israel has no such policy (which is why Arab Palestinians still exist).

  5. Andrew, so you believe that countries shall not sign such treaties like the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and then go develop whatever weapons of mass distruction they want !!!
    It's like criminals saying ... ok we will not have any kind of ID or social security number and we will be free to do any crimes we want without being punished.