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07 September 2005

Kazaa Under Arrest

The Federal Court of Australia found that Kazaa violated Australian copyright law by authorising users to infringe music companies' copyright in recordings. The court ordered that the P2P (Peer to Peer) firm must install filters to prevent future violations. The problem is that many Music Creators are fighting the P2P File Sharing programs (Kazaa, eDonkey, eMules, Shareaza, BitTorrent, iMesh, Morpheous, BearShare, etc.) in order to prevent the distribution of copyrighted music freely. You may also notice that many years ago there were many websites for downloading music (MP3s), but it seems that the music industry plaintiffs won their fight against these websites. Google also faced a similar problem at their Project Google Print, where publisher disagrees on scanning books and presenting them online to the public. It's really scary to imagine that someday you may be put to jail for copying an MP3 file or a Movie to one of your friends.


  1. I never really liked Kazaa there's too much spyware and adware installed as part of their bundle package. Now Limewire that's the best.

  2. I prefer shareaza - - myself, it's open source and spywares free.