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14 September 2005

Egyptian Metal

I like to listen to Metal and Alternative Rock music, so I am wondering why there is no Egyptian nor Arabic metal bands, and why there is no metal music in Arabic. One day we were in a friend's birthday and a French girl there told us that she feel that all the Arabic songs are the same. It may be because it is a foreign music to her and that why she felt they are all similar, the same thing that happens when we listen to Indian songs and see them all the same. But also she may have a point since all Arabic music are categorized under one or two genres, which is somehow POP music. There has been lately some attempts to make RAP songs like MTM band or Techno music however they are not mature enough. We may also have our own genres different than the western ones but we have to have different kinds and categories of music and each shall has its unique personality.

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