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30 September 2005

Blog Honeypot

Some sites like and etc offer a service of seeing who is visiting your blog, where are they from, what operating systems do they use, and what search words do they used to come across your page. So I have an idea of making a blog post with different keywords in it to see which of these keywords are used most in people's searches. This can give you an idea about people's interests and what are the trends and common stuff that worry them at that time. I think there must be an advanced way to know that, like running your own search engine or so. But this is the easy and free however inaccurate way to do this. Note: This has nothing to do with Network Honeypots used in Network Security to capture Hackers and worms, and to help in creating Attack Signatures for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. I just used the same word as the keywords here will be like honey that will attract search engine queries to it. Tags: , ,

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