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28 September 2005

Rest of The World

Once upon a time I was chatting on mIRC - I dun like IRC anyway - and then I asked some person where is he - actually I dun remember if it was a he or she - from? So he replied Georgia ... And obviously I expected that he means that country near Turkey and Russia, but later on I realized that he meant the American state where Atlanta 1996 Olympic games were held. The point is that it is very normal for the Americans to tell you the name of the state you live in when you ask them about their location instead of USA. It it the same thing as asking some foreigner from Egypt the same question and telling you he is from Aswan, Gharbeya, or even Western Desert Governorate. So are we supposed to know the names of the 50 states in USA!? Why do they think that USA is the whole world and everything else is the rest of the world!? Also it is very normal in US web sites -even if these sites are not for Americans only site - that you find in the drop-down list where you are supposed to choose your location, a list of the US states instead of the different countries of the world. So if you are not in USA, then nobody cares about the name of your country, you just live in the REST OF THE WORLD !!!


  1. oh it gets even worse when they use two letters to indicate state and two letters to indicate city, و أنا بقى أشم على ضهر ايدي

  2. haha ur so right
    and also how even if they have other countries the US is first and the others are just in alphabetical order

  3. As I told you .. we are just living in the ROW (Rest of the World)

  4. If you had invented the Internet, you could complain. You didn't - they did...