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30 September 2005

Homepages Are Dead, Long Live The Blogs *

Not a very long time ago, people used to have their own homepages on,, etc., and there they used to publish some info about themselves, their own photos, or some articles they write. But these pages were rarely updated as you have to edit - you had to know HTML - the entire page in order to add a new article or photo there. So, now more people are moving from the Homepage phenomenon to the Blog one, since it is much easier to add a new post to your blog everyday with no need to edit the entire page - just some clicks here and there - even if you don't know HTML at all. This is what made blogs more like a personal free newspaper where you can publish whatever articles you want to your online readers. I myself haven't updated my homepage since one year or so, and on the other hand I have published more than one hundred blogs during that year.

However homepages still excels the blogs in their organization, they can be organized by links and menus and not by date like blogs, and that's why it is still used in professional fields like companies sites, and online news sites, etc as information can be sorted by categories and organized in different menus. But will this continue to be true in the near future? O.K. Google's point of view is "Why sort your stuff, where you can search for them", and you may notice this in your Gmail account, where you cannot organize your mails into folders as you can just leave them as they are, and then search for the mail you want any time. And that's why I think that the lack of organization of the blogs will not be a problem anymore as long as they are searchable and indexed by searching engines. I also expect the blog hosting sites to have search plugins on the near future to be added to the blogs there. Finally, will there be someday where there will be "", "", and ""!?

* The title of this article is inspired by Gartner's article; "Intrusion Detection Is Dead, Long Live The Intrusion Prevention"

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  1. lack of organization is not a feature of blogs, it is a feature of blogspot which sucks.

    other bogging engines like wordpress or ful fledged content management systems that support blogging like drupal offer many features for categorizing posts, creating page hierarchies and designing navigation.

  2. Alaa: There may be other blog hosting sites that are organized some how. But you can deny that blogs are not organized as web pages anyway which are organized by design.

  3. what I'm saying is they could be if it makes sense to do so(using the right tool of course).

    many sites are a hybrid (like manalaa, eglug, harakamasria for instance).

  4. Ok, anything culd be done. But the fact is that they are not now. Also I dun believe that they will be in the future as the trend now is to search rather than sort especially after the evolution of search engines