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13 September 2005

Blog Patrol Crack

There is a site called BlogPatrol that offer a cool tool in order to see some statistics about your blog visitos. You have to create an account there (username and password) and then add a piece of code to your blog. And in order to see your site statistics you have to go to and enter your username and password there. But I have noticed that they do not check for any Session-ID or so, i.e. you can use the following URL and change the "11111" value to any other value to see different blog statistics. But now you may be wondering how to find the statistics for a specific blog, i.e. you find some blog and wand to know the ID to use instead of the "11111" in our example. In that blog view page source, and there you will find the following "", where "12345" is that blog's ID.

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