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19 September 2005

Life Without Nescafe

This is one of the mugs of Nescafe that Abul Hassan our office boy at work used to make. I don't know how we will be able to survive in Ramadan without Nescafe !!


  1. Could this office boy come work in Kuwait ... we really need a guy like that in our office :P

  2. Heheheheheheeeeee
    May be in Ramadan only ;)

  3. I do really Like To have a Cup of Nescafe Like that ??

    But in Ramadan ,,, it has a special Mode that i think i won't even have a time to think about my Daily Cup of Nescafe

  4. I hate coffee (Turkish and Expresso etc.) but I like Nescafe. Actually I like it coz it helps me concentrate.