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14 September 2005

Manalaa Algorithm is an egyptian site that contains many useful services including a News Feed as weel as some Egyptian Blog Feed. They show posts from differen Egyptian Bloggers and show them and consolidate them in one portal. I this is done using a PHP script that can extract the Blog posts from the RSS or ATom feed and put it in some kind of DataBase - may be MySQL or PostgresSQL - and then show the DB contents on their page. But the script seems to use some special algorith in order to traverse the different blogs every certain period, as it sometimes show some blog post after others even if they are published earlier than them. So I think that the script may be visit some bloggers more frequent than others based on their activity or importance or whatever. Anyways I'd like to thank them for their effort and I with that they add some statistics for the more active bloggers, the most comented on posts, at what time of day do people post new articles more, etc.