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18 August 2005

Egyptian Graffiti Art

It is very common here in Egypt to find people writing their own names or even doing random scratches on the buildings, bathroom walls, metro seats, school desks, etc. Lately it another phenomenon has started by putting some advertisement stickers or ones with phrases asking people to pray or girls to be veiled. Another foolish act has been noticed lately, are some people having spry and making black lines on faces in the street ads. The problem with these stuff that it makes our cities look ugly and unclean. I also think that religiously no one has the right to write or put a sticker on some public or privet property he - or she - doesn't own, independent on what is in that writing or sticker. Graffiti art is popular in many other places, but there it is some kind of art and people make some effort in drawing and painting it. Ok, I am not saying that this is right, but what I mean is that people must have some sense of beauty as well. In some countries they have some places where people are free to paint on the walls there as they want, but it is forbidden to do it anywhere else. Finally, I am not against graffiti art as it sometimes looks cool, but the government has to make some places for people to draw whatever they want, they may also draw in their own properties and they must have some sense of beauty as well.