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28 August 2005

AT and DOT

Sometimes you need to write your Email address in your home page or in some web forum or so. But the problem is that spammer have their own spiders (web crawlers) that navigate the Internet in order to get these Email addresses and add them to their Database. So the solution for this is to deceive these bastard spammers and put your Email address as an image or simply write it in some format that they cannot understand however other humans can do. For example you can replace the @ sign with , [at], or -at-, also the same can be done with the dot sign.
Example: bastawisy-at-yahoo-dot-com


  1. thanks for that info..
    i always wondered by some people write it that way..

    but i have a question though.. you see my email is put in a picture form.. soooo, does that solve the problem?

  2. I think so, unless the spammers create some luciferic tool to extract the text from that image.
    However for now it is ok (Y)