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12 August 2005

Please Stop Bugging Me

It has been a number of months while using Mozilla Thunderbird as my prefered EMail client. But there is one thing I hate about it which may in some stage makes me switch back to MS Outlook again. The problem is that we have SSL enabled on our Mail Server, but the certificate there has a domain name mismach as well as it has expired already. So every time I try getting an email or sending one - my client is configured to check for new mails every short while - I receive warnig from Thunderbird. I do really need some way to tell it "OK, I know that the domain name of my server does not match with the one in the certificate as well as that the server's certificate has expired already, but PLEASE STOP BUGGING ME WITH THAT AS I KNOW WHAT THE HECK I AM DOING!!"

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