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22 August 2005

Unpainted Buildings

Today I was on a trip to El Mansoura and I have noticed on my way by with train that most of the building in the Egyptian villages and small towns as well as those in poor districts in Cairo are not painted and the walls are just bare bricks and concrete. So I have an idea that the government or whoever may be interested can make a competition between the graffiti artists - see my previous article on Egyptian Graffiti Art - to encourage them draw on these buildings - after a permeation from these buildings owners for sure. They may also do it free of charge and just for fun or be paid for it.


  1. yeah. nice blog. :-) your africa trip sounds fun.

  2. What african trip are you talking about !!??

  3. I heard Mansoura is so beautiful. I wish I can go there one day.

  4. I can't tell as I stayed ther for less than one hour. :)