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23 August 2005

Green Code Project

I believe that softwares can be one of the main sources of the Egyptian national income. And we can see India as an example of this as they have tons of professional software developers and engineers. The problem here is that many people have great programming skills, others have innovative ideas, others have the experience or may be the money to support them. So the idea of Green Code Project is somewhere for all the previous to gather and share ideas in order to produce some useful software - or may be embedded systems - projects. These projects can be either open source ones, or closed source. Anyways it is just an idea and I'd like to get others comments on it.


  1. Hi Buddy, look most of indians are not that professional as you may guess, I worked with a lot of them the most remarkable thing about indians is that they are very obedient ( I will not go any further ;) ) , however I hope your dream come true, but you can find it in many other forms like WorkSpaces on GotDotNet, and Projects on SourceForge or PlanetSourceCode.

  2. Ok, but what I meant here is physical meeting through conferences or whatever, and to be focused on Egyptians mainly.

  3. Hi,
    You know this is sometimes called Code Maturbation, where programmers - Code Masturbators - find pleasure in writing softwares but the cannot find ideas. Just the fun without the presence of real objects ;)

  4. I completely agree with you on this topic. Egyptian has vast knowledge of software and they have innovative ideas so Green Code project assure you success. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Keep it up.