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10 May 2005

Winning Eleven

Yesterday I installed Konami Winning Eleven 8 (Football Game) on my PC. I used to play Fifa since 1990, but after trying WI8 I relaized the great difference. First of all in WI the players do move like real one not like Fifa where they move like idiots. The controller are simpler, and you can dribble just by the arrows not with a special key like Fifa which gives the game a realistic taste. Also the graphics are more advanced than Fifa. For example you can know it is Ronaldinho just from his face or the way he shoot free kicks. I am using Low Resolution mode coz of my PC however the graphics is still impressive. Tags: , , , ,

08 May 2005

NetScreen IDP Signatures Update - RAM

Everytimes I tried to upate the signatures definitions for the NetScreen IDP my PC hangs and the update fails. Then it came out that MY laptop has 256 MB RAM and the IDP Management UI needs at leaset 512 RAM. So after adding an extra 265 the process went fine and the update succeded. So I decided to write this down here as it may be helpful piece of information to anyone. Tags: , , , ,

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Egypt is Cairo, and Cairo is Egypt

Yesterday I went to Alex. by train, and during my trip I was thinking about the different cities in Egypt and why Cairo is the one in the focus of our attention. During the tip to Alex. there isn't a single city nor town that is as modern as Cairo they are not even close. That's why we have about third or fourth of Egypt population living in Cairo. I think we have to develop the different cities in our country to be at least close to Cairo. The problem is in our centralized point of view, whenever someone wants to build a project from a cinema complex to a mall, a hospital, private university, zoo, etc they just think of Cairo. No one tries to invest in other places of Egypt. I am not sure whether it is the government fault or it us who are just lazy to get out of Cairo. May be people are afraid not to have a big market as the one in Cairo which has about 17 millions living there. Anyways according to my idea in networking and networks design, a network with one central unit and no redundancy its throughput is limited to the throughput of that single unit or bottle-neck. Also it has a single point of failure. That's why the Internet doesn't has a central server nor router and is built upon peer to peer design which gives it scalabality and reliability. And I think the same is valid to countries if they relly need to grow and develop.

Zoe Footage

Last week I went to see "The final cut" movie in the cinema. IMO it is a fine movie with an awful end. The idea itself is cool - I used to have similar one when I was kid. I wish there wore some kind of VCR that can record our dreams while sleeping to be able to see them later on. The director Omar Naim is really good however I didn't get the idea of having old cars and so while it is supposed to be in the future. As I said before the idea itself is good but the script is very bad and the movies end is worse.