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15 March 2010

Is Skype really blocked in Egypt!?

There are rumors here, here, and here that the Egyptian government is blocking Skype.
This morning, a call placed to Vodafone’s customer service indicated that Telecom Egypt is going to block Skype in Egypt, and that it’s out of their hands. After repeated calls from various people to Vodafone’s customer service, they were told “Skype is being blocked since 13th March based on an order from Telecom Egypt.”, The Next Web.
As you can see, the source of the news are Vodafone users who are not able to use Skype when they are connected to the internet via their 3G USB Modems. And since many of the ADSL home users are reporting that Skype is working fine at their places. Then I have strong feeling that the Egyptian government has nothing to do with this. I believe it is just Vodafone's DPI that is blocking Skype in order not to harm their revenues.

Update [16 March 2010]: It's official now, the NTRA - the government - is the one responsible for this and not the mobile operators. However I have strong feelings that the operators are the one who pushed the NTRA to take such decision in the first place as Skype harms their - as well as Telecom Egypt's - revenues.

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