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28 February 2006

The Day After Today, And Before Tomorrow.

Just waiting for the day after today and before tomorrow. Tags: , ,

27 February 2006

NetScreenForum is now JuniperForum

NetScreen forum is an online forum where people ask questions and share ideas about NetScreen (now Juniper) products. But now they have added other Juniper products like T, M, J, and E-Series Routers as well as the WX and DX platforms. And it is now a Juniper forum not only NetScreen one.
"As you know, Juniper Networks purchased NetScreen some time ago. After many months of getting emails requesting forums for other Juniper products, I have finally added them. In addition, I have changed the name of the site to It will still be accessible via the old URL, but please start using the new one", Jay Austad, admin
The new URL of the forum is Tags: , ,

Security Giant's Data Lost

McAfee, the Santa Clara security software company, has lost the personal information of thousands of its employees due to a lapse by an external auditor. The auditor, an employee of Deloitte & Touche, left an unencrypted CD containing the employee information in an airline seat pocket on Dec. 15. The disc included the names, social security numbers and McAfee stock holdings for more than 9,000 employees, according to McAfee spokeswoman Siobhan MacDermott. Source: SilliconValley dot Com Tags: , ,


MemeStreams is yet anothe blog hosting server. It may not be as feature rich as Blogspot. But what I liked most there is there categorization, as well as the ability to see the posts in a specific category from all the members there. Here you are how they define themselves.
MemeStreams is a social web surfing tool that helps communities of people work together to find interesting content on the Internet. It allows you to maintain collections of recommendations for Internet content, and it employs state of the art content rating technology to sort through your friends' and colleagues' recommendations in search of information that matters to you. URL:
As you may have noticed, they have a social network as well. Finally it is really interesting that people like Michael Lynn (Abaddon) and Billy Hoffman (Acidus) are having their blogs hosted there. Tags: , ,

Sky By Broadband

Sky Digital the British digital satellite television service has decided to introduce a new service for its customers called Sky by broadband.
"Sky by broadband is a new service exclusive to Sky digital customers. It allows you to enjoy hundreds of films on your PC, including a mix of Hollywood blockbusters and classic movie titles available on Sky Movies. In addition, you can enjoy highlights from many of the major sporting events on Sky Sports. You'll also need to have a PC with Windows XP and we recommend a broadband connection of at least 1MB",
TEData, the Egyptian ISP has made an IP based VoD (Video on Demand) demo last year at Cairo ICT. But the point is that the Content Providers here in the Middle East such as ART, Orbit, etc. are still using the conventional satellite broadcasting technologies. May be they do not see any benefit from migrating to TV over IP and Video on Demand, however the ISP's shall try to encourage them to such move, as they will get benefit from people upgrading their connection bandwidth from 256kbps to 1Mbps or 2Mbps. They can also offer the bandwidth as well as the content as a bundle in order to attract more customers. Tags: , ,

Yahoo! Is Fighting Back

Yahoo had lost the battle of Web search with Google, however they started to fight back lately using a "Monkey See, Monkey Do" approach. Google made blogspot, so Yahoo introduced Yahoo 360. Yahoo's mail is now 1 Gig after seeing Gmail's 2 Gig storage. Yahoo are also planning to have an equivalent to Google's AdSense soon. So what attracts people to Google more than Yahoo !!? I myself used to us Yahoo for ages as my preferred search engine. But later on, I decided to make Google my browser's home page because of it light interface that loads faster. I think yahoo has change their web page interface as well or even have a light-version of it. YIM is much better than Google Talk. I have both of them installed on my PC but I rarely use YIM and never use Google Talk, It's MSN that I use most of the time and Skype sometimes. But the recent move that Google made by integrating Google Talk into Gmail made me use it more. Tags: , ,

Just "For Dummies"

Some blogger - Jason Calacanis @ Weblogs, Inc. - got a mail form John Wiley & Sons, Inc. asking him not to use the so called "For Dummies trademark" in a headline, or at least state that it is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc.
Due to the significant efforts undertaken by Wiley to promote and protect its trademarks, and because of the potential for confusion or dilution regarding the FOR DUMMIES® mark in the manner has used Wiley's trademark, Wiley requests that and all other blogs in the Weblogs, Inc. network include the following attribution language at the end of any postings that may refer to the FOR DUMMIES® brand, and that you provide Wiley with written assurance of the same. Attribution Language: FOR DUMMIES® is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc.
I really think that that copyright and trademark thing has turned out to be really dummy. So here is my post tilte having the "For Dummies" trademark in it without including the attribution language at the end of it. Tags: , ,

26 February 2006

Google AdSense, WWTBAM

Last Novemeber I decided to add Google AdSense to my blog space, after reading a couple of articles about it here and there.
"Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to what your visitors are looking for on your site — or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts — you'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages", Google
Then today I decided check my earning, and here comes the surprise. I had successfully made about $1.5 - $2 a month. Which means that it will take me about 50,000 years to be a millionaire :)

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Razorback is Down

Joint raids by police in Belgium and Switzerland have shut down a popular file-sharing server. The Razorback2 server was part of the Edonkey file-sharing network and was used by a third of the system's users. The server held an index of 170 million pirated files, said the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). In the raids, the server's Swiss owner was arrested and the Razorback2 machines were seized from a Brussels-based hosting firm. It is unclear what effect the shutting down of the Razorback2 server will have on overall file-sharing figures. Studies of the different file-sharing networks show that the numbers of people using Edonkey is on the increase. It has become the dominant network in South Korea, Italy, Germany and Spain. However notes posted on discussion groups by Edonkey users following the raid show that the number of people on the Edonkey network was back to normal a few hours after the server was shut down. The following raids and shutdowns made many file-sharers simply move to other networks such as BitTorrent or have turned to older systems such as Usenet. Source: BBC News Tags: , ,

20 February 2006

Formatting Nokia 7650

To format you Nokia 7650 phone press *#7370# , then you'll be asked if you really want to restore factory settings. After that it'll ask you about the Lock Code, which is 12345 by default. Tags: , ,

Open Source Python for Nokia S60

"And now for something completely different... Nokia has released the source code for its Python port to the S60 high-end phone platform as open source", Guido van Rossum Tags: , ,


How does BlogBurst work?
  1. You sign up and tell us about your blog, then blog as usual
  2. We promote your blog in our publisher workbench
  3. Our top-tier publishers display your blog content on their sites
  4. Clicks on your byline drive new traffic to your blog
URL: Tags: , ,

Jamendo - Open Source Music

Jamendo is a new model for artists to promote, publish, and be paid for their music. On jamendo, the artists distribute their music under Creative Commons licenses. In a nutshell, they allow you to download, remix and share their music freely. It's a "Some rights reserved" agreement, perfectly suited for the new century. These new rules make Jamendo able to use the new powerful means of digital distribution like Peer-to-Peer networks such as BitTorrent or eMule to legally distribute albums at near-zero cost. Jamendo users can discover and share albums, but also review them or start a discussion on the forums. Albums are democratically rated based on the visitors’ reviews. If they fancy an artist they can support him by making a donation. URL: Tags: , ,

Google Buys MeasureMap

"The rumors were true - Google has snapped up MeasureMap, the excellent and beautifully designed blog analytics tool. What’s interesting here is that Measuremap was barely outta the gate - is this the first Web 2.0 service to be bought up while still in private beta? (Probably not - I just can’t think of any right now). Still, an interesting acquisition - I’d love to see this bolted on to Blogger or becoming part of Google Analytics", Mashable Tags: , ,

19 February 2006

Hosni Abdel Rabbo

Avian Flu is called H5N1, which can be read as Hosni in leet text ... ehm ... I mean Hosni Abdel Rabbo for sure, that football player who didn't play in the ACN finals with the Egyptian National Team.

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Java Development on Ubuntu

So, you wanna install Sun Java JDK as well as NetBeans on Ubuntu Linux, here you go. Java Development on Ubuntu - Part 1 - Installing Java Java Development on Ubuntu - Part 2 - Installing NetBeans Tags: , ,

Peugeot Launches 207

Peugeot 207
The new Peugeot 207 was launched Thursday, 10th January 2006, as the French automaker's new entrant in the ultra-competitive B-segment of the new car marketplace. It is intended to be the successor to the 206. However, owing to its huge popularity, the 206 will still be produced for the foreseable future for both European and other markets. Finally, the Peugeot 200 series to cars is like Jessica Alba to women. Sources: Wikipedia, Peugeot, Forum-Peugeot, and Autoblog Tags: , ,

Ubuntu + Gnome Screenshot

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One Year Blogging

It's been one year since I started blogging on 19th February 2005. I've posted 344 entries in this blog - 0.9425 posts per day - as well as 79 entries in Kelmeteen. during this year. There have been about 7,583 visitors to this blog. Posts are mainly about Technical, Egyptian, Social, and Art related topics. Willing to add more statistics for the previous year soon.
Finally, I've got to know many blog-pals during this year whom I wish all the best.

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18 February 2006

Iran to Publish Holocaust Cartoons

Iran's largest selling newspaper announced today it was holding a contest on cartoons of the Holocaust in response to the publishing in European papers of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. "It will be an international cartoon contest about the Holocaust," said Farid Mortazavi, the graphics editor for Hamshahri newspaper - which is published by Teheran's conservative municipality. He said the plan was to turn the tables on the assertion that newspapers can print offensive material in the name of freedom of expression. "The Western papers printed these sacrilegious cartoons on the pretext of freedom of expression, so let's see if they mean what they say and also print these Holocaust cartoons," he said. Source: Tags: , ,

Blogger Spell Checking

Blogger (Blogspot) has their own spell checking tool that you can use when publishing posts there; however the tool has many defects. First of all it'd be better to have an online specll check - like that in MS Office, Thunderbird etc. - and not just a button to press on to check your spell after you finish. Also they miss a huge number of words, they even cannot identify the word "blogger"! I also think it's English language support only. Tags: , ,

Has Network Security Gone Too Far?

"I wrote today about how many network managers now ban Skype (other popular things to ban are pop3 e-mail, instant messaging and other free Web 2.0-style tools) that are very much liked by end users. The reason often cited is network security: These programs cannot be centrally controlled and may introduce an encrypted path behind a firewall. Security is a real concern for a network manager, but when people in a company are prevented from using the best tools out there (that are often free, to boot), it makes you wonder. Has network security gone too far? Any other examples of reflexive banning by networks?", Thomas Crampton @ IHT Blog Actually, sometimes people are over protective especially when the media keeps on scaring them - like the Avian Flu hype. Some other times managers think that they can prevent their employees from doing some non-business related stuff during the working hours. But on the other hand many of these tools can be helpful to their business if the were used in the right way. Skype can be used to do calls between desperate branches freely. P2P applications can be used to get their competitors price lists, and confidential reports. Also workers may sometimes need to have rest in order to improve their productivity. Finally I think the optimum solution is not to block the whole apllication, but only granually control it. Tags: , ,

Farid Essebar - Zotob Virus Creator

Farid Essebar (born in 1987, known as Diabl0) is a Moroccan Dark-side hacker. He was one of the 2 masterminds (along with Turkish Atilla Ekici) behind the spread of the Zotob Computer virus that targeted Windows 2000 operation systems in 2005. Among the affected were CNN, ABC News, New York Times, Caterpillar, Boeing and also United States Department of Homeland Security. Farid Essebar was arrested on August 25, 2005 in Morocco. However, an extradition to the United States is unlikely as there is no such treaty between the two countries. Source: Wikipedia Tags: , ,

17 February 2006

20Q - These Guys Know Everything

"It first gained popularity as an online game ( where users log onto our website and play against an artificial intelligence foe. Players think of an animal, vegetable, mineral, or other item and the computer guesses what the player is thinking in twenty questions", 20Q. URL: Tags: , ,

Welcome Avian Flu !!

Avian flu cases confirmed here in Egypt :( Tags: , ,

MSN8 Beta - Piece of Shit !!

Today I've received an invitation to MSN8 Beta, but after downloading it, it never worked. It is just a piece of shit that hangs even before connecting. Thank you very much uncle Bill !! *** Updated *** Now it worked after doing some tricks to prevent it from hanging, but as expected, a very ugly interface. I'll switch back to MSN 7.5 :( Tags: , ,

16 February 2006

ASCII Art Generator

This is a nice online ascii art generator. URL: Tags: , ,

M.Sameer's Sockets

The famous Eglug member and Katoob creator is having a nice tutorial about sockets and network programming in his blog. This is part 1, and waiting for the following parts soon. Tags: , ,

Flying Car Ready for Takeoff?

"This summer, graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will try to get an idea aloft that has intrigued people for decades: the flying car. Terrafugia, a start-up created by Lemelson-MIT Student Prize winner Carl Dietrich and colleagues at MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is aiming to show off what it calls the Transition "personal air vehicle," an SUV with retractable wings, to the EAA AirVenture Conference in Oshkosh, Wis., at the end of July. The Transition is designed for 100- to 500-mile jumps. It will carry two people and luggage on a single tank of premium unleaded gas. It will also come with an electric calculator (to help fine-tune weight distribution), airbags, aerodynamic bumpers and of course a GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation unit. No complete prototype exists yet, but the company has a one-fifth scale wind tunnel model (along with computer simulations) and will use the $30,000 from the Lemelson prize to build something to show off at the Oshkosh show. A fully operational prototype is expected to come out in 2008 or earlier, according to the company, while Transition vehicles are expected to hit the road, and the sky, by 2009 or 2010", CNET News I think this may be the best solution for most of Cairo traffic problems. Tags: , ,

One-Third of the American Internet Users Go Online Just for Fun

"Nearly one-third of American Internet users go online just for fun rather than to check e-mail, read news or use a search engine, a sharp increase from a year ago, according to a survey released Wednesday. A survey of 1,931 Internet users conducted by Pew in late November and December 2005 found 30 percent of respondents said they went online for no particular reason on the previous day. That was up from 21 percent in a November 2004 survey. The survey also showed that 34 percent of online men were surfing for fun on an average day in December, compared with 26 percent of women. When it comes to other online pursuits, Pew said that sending or receiving e-mail ranked highest with 52 percent of Internet users saying they did this on a typical day. Using a search engine ranked second with 38 percent, while reading news online was third with 31 percent", CNET News So, what about Egyptins anyway, I think more than 60% go there for fun. I also think Chatting, Checking Emails, and Visiting Porn Sites wil be their major activities online. Then comes Blogging, News reading, and at last few numbers doing Business and Researches. Tags: , ,


FreeNAS is a free NAS (Network-Attached Storage) server, supporting: CIFS (samba), FTP, NFS, RSYNC protocols, local user authentication, Software RAID (0,1,5) with a Full WEB configuration interface. FreeNAS takes less than 16MB once installed on Compact Flash, hard drive or USB key. The minimal FreeBSD distribution, Web interface, PHP scripts and documentation are based on M0n0wal URL: Tags: , ,


Web2, Internet2, even my syslog analyzer software is going to be called GreenScreen2 as it is a complete re-writing of the previous GreenScreen. So what's about 2? Is it this years hype, no new technologies, but updates and re-implementations of older ones? Tags: , ,

Coffee, Biscuits, and Physics

"To dunk is to dip biscuit, bread, cake, or doughnut into a beverage, usually hot, especially tea or coffee, but the popular American snack "milk and cookies" features cookies dunked into cold milk. Dunking a biscuit is said to release flavour, but is usually done to alter the texture of harder confections", Wikipedia. Physicist Len Fisher of the University of Bristol has presented some light-hearted discussion of dunking during the National Biscuit Dunking Day. Here is Washburn's equation, which describes capillary flow in porous materials:
Where t is the time for a liquid of viscosity η and surface tension γ to penetrate a distance L into a fully wettable, porous material whose average pore diameter is D.
Have a nice time calculating the time it takes your morning coffee to penetrate the dunked biscuits. Tags: , ,

Egyptian Tags Grapth

Blog posts about Egypt in the last month. I've added some comments on the graph. Tags: , ,

15 February 2006

Gr33nData Blogging Activity in the Last 140 Days

Posts tagged Gr33ndata per day for the last 140 days. Notice that this image is updated automatically.
Technorati Chart

Gmail Goes the Company Domain Way

Google is introducing a new service that will allow organisations to use their own domain names as a customised front end to Gmail. The service is expected to be particularly popular with small to medium sized business which have their own website and domain but are not able to operate or afford a managed email service of their own. Source: PCPro Tags: , ,

Oracle buys Sleepycat

Oracle has acquired open-source database vendor Sleepycat Software, strengthening its hand in the embedded database market and putting to rest at least one of the rumors about its plans to buy open-source companies. The acquisition extends Oracle's embedded database product line, which also includes Oracle Lite for mobile devices and TimesTen, which it acquired last year, for high-performance in-memory database applications. Sleepycat's Berkeley DB is embedded in several well-known open-source products, including the Linux and BSD Unix operating systems, Apache Web server, OpenLDAP directory and OpenOffice productivity suite, Oracle said Tuesday Source: Computer World Tags: , ,

Firefox Memory Leak is a Feature!

"A lot of people complain about the Firefox 'memory leak(s)'. All versions of Firefox no doubt leak memory - it is a common problem with software this complicated. We look to fix the issues where we can. David Baron and others have done a huge amount of excellent work in this area. What I think many people are talking about however with Firefox 1.5 is not really a memory leak at all. It is in fact a feature. To improve performance when navigating (studies show that 39% of all page navigations are renavigations to pages visited less than 10 pages ago, usually using the back button), Firefox 1.5 implements a Back-Forward cache that retains the rendered document for the last few session history entries. This can be a lot of data. It's a trade-off. What you get out of it is faster performance as you navigate the web", Inside Firefox Tags: , ,

14 February 2006

Valentines's Day Wishes

I wish there will be some way to move Lebanon near El Guiza. I wish there will be some some shop to get girls from, and people can go there and read the different girls Data Sheets before getting them. I wish there will be some day where people can port Linux to girls so that they can read their source code easily I wish there will be some brush where you can draw the girl you want with Tags: , ,

Being Tired = Being High !?

After reading my last two posts (previous, and pre-previous) I realized that I must have been high, however I didn't take any weeds lately ;) May be this is coz I am tired as I went to Hurghada and came back on the same day Hmm ... may be that's the reason !! Tags: , ,

J Loves H

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Jennifer who fell in love with a boy called Hewitt. So she decided on the next Valenine's Day to make a T-Shirt specially for that occasion, but unfortuanetely the T-Shirts factory was in china and they know nothing about the English grammar. So instead of writing "Jennifer Loves Hewitt" they wrote "Jennifer Love Hewitt" Tags: , ,

St. Shopentine's Day

"St. Valentine's Day falls on February 14, and is the traditional day on which lovers in certain cultures let each other know about their love, commonly by sending Valentine's cards ... which are often anonymous", Wikipedia However I have a different point of view about it. "St. Valentine's - Shopentine's - Day falls on February 14, and is the traditional day on which shops in certain cultures let people know about their need to waste some money, commonly by buying some stuff from them ... which are often useless", Gr33npedia Tags: , ,

Saddam's Boring Show

The trial of Saddam Hussein has turned out to be a very boring show that we are supposed to watch every short while on TVs. We all know that he deserves death penalty, so please just finish the boring show and execute the bastard. Tags: , ,

13 February 2006

Siemens Enters Router Arena with Acquisition of Harbour Networks Products

"Siemens, the world’s third largest mobile telecom network equipment supplier, has reportedly acquired core assets of Harbour Networks Co., a broadband IP network equipment provider in China, for $110 million in cash.The deal marks Siemens’ entry into the router arena", TMCNet Tags: , ,

Locking the Open Source

"A few weeks ago a long-time source said she'd been hearing "strong" rumors that Oracle was on the hunt again. This time for JBoss, the Atlanta-based app server fave. Now BusinessWeek reports that Oracle is talking not only with JBoss but with Sleepycat Software of Emeryville, Calif., and Zend of Cupertino, Calif", This is not the first case of acquisitions of Open Source companies by mainsteam ones. There was CheckPoint acquisition of Snort, Tellabs and Nessus, Novell and Suse, etc. The point is how Open Source companies should be valued. Imagine Programmer-X doing some development in Product-Y, then comes some monster company and buys such product giving nothin to that developer. Actually I don't know who is the ones who get peid in such cases. Also such moves may have a really bad effect on open source software industry. Imagine the case when Apache, Python, or even Linux Kernel being bought by some nasty comapnies forcing people to pay money for using them, this wll be the worst nightmare for the whole Open Source movement. Tags: , ,

12 February 2006

Installing m0n0wall on Watchguard Firebox2

If you have an old watchguard firebox2 that is no more working, or you have enough of the windows based software to configure the firebox2, just install one of the best opensource firewall m0n0wall This may also be useful for those who want to know about Embedded devices etc. Tags: , , , , ,

Invited 2 Orkut

I've got an Orkut invitation now, feel free to ask for an invitation here. Also wait for a review about it here soon inshaAllah. Tags: , ,

Danish Editor Takes an Indefinite Leave

COPENHAGEN Flemming Rose, the Danish editor whose decision to publish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad helped provoke weeks of fury in the Muslim world, said in an interview on Friday that he was leaving his newspaper on indefinite vacation following a series of recent mistakes. Rose stood by the decision of the newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, to publish the caricatures, citing the freedom of the press. And he declined to apologize for the drawings, which have prompted widespread protests across the Middle East, boycotts of Danish goods and the burning down of Danish embassies. He said in an interview, however, that the stress of recent events had given him sleepless nights and affected his judgment. "I am thankful that the newspaper has given me the chance to recover. I am tired," he said. "In the middle of a crisis, you do not always recognize the tensions placed on you. I'm glad someone on the paper had the guts to make the decision to give me a break because sometimes you want to keep on fighting." Source: International Herald Tribune Tags: , ,

Pi Day

March 14, written 3-14 in the USA date format, is an unofficial celebration for Pi Day derived from the common three-digit approximation for the number π: 3.14. It is usually celebrated at 1:59 PM (in recognition of the six-digit approximation: 3.14159). Some, using a twenty-four-hour clock rather than a twelve hour clock, say that 1:59 PM is actually 13:59 and celebrate it at 1:59 AM or 3:09 PM (15:09) instead. Parties have been held by the mathematics departments of various schools around the world. Source: Wikipedia Tags: , ,

Frank Hornby

"Frank Hornby (15 May 1863 – 21 September 1936) was an English inventor and businessman. He was a visionary in toy development and manufacture and produced three of the most popular lines of toys in the twentieth century: Meccano, Hornby Model Railways and Dinky Toys. He also founded the company Meccano Ltd in 1908", Wikipedia For those who do not know what Meccano is, "it is a model constructionmetal strips, plates, wheels and gears, with nuts and bolts to connect the pieces. It is a versatile constructional medium enabling the building of a variety of working models and mechanical devices", Wikipedia During my childhood I used to play with Meccano and I think the way I think today is influenced by my experience and knowledge gained from "playing" with it - as well as programming. Tags: , ,

11 February 2006


Did you know that the Huyndai Matrix is designed by the same disigner of the Peugeot 504. Both are designed by the Italian car designers at Pininfarina. Peugeot 504 Huyndai MatrixTags: , ,

Linux, Windows forecast to pass Symbian by 2010

By 2010, Linux and Windows will both overtake Symbian in the market for advanced mobile phone OSes, says a report from The Diffusion Group (TDG). Linux currently claims 23 percent of the market, while Symbian has 51 percent and Microsoft 17 percent, the research firms says. Source: LinuxDevices Tags: , , ,

Sudoku @ Al Ahram Newspaper

Finally, Al Ahram newspaper has realized the Sudoku hype and has published a puzzle today. I've sent them an email earlier telling them to publish such puzzle as more people are fond of it everywhere, but they didn't even reply to it. Anyways, it's nice to see it there today. Tags: , ,


PDFCreator is a free tool to create PDFs easily from nearly any application. With the PDFCreator Printer driver you turn any program into a PDF-machine. It is released under the term of th GPL (GNU General Public License). Site: Tags: , ,

10 February 2006

Germany2006 will Miss Egypt

It's a big shame for the World Cup competition not to have the Egyptian football team instead of those weak teams like Togo and Angola. Tags: , ,

We Are The Champions

Congratulations to all the Egyptians for the African Cup of Nations championship. After beating Ivory Coast at the final, we are simply the Champions of Africa!! Hassan Shehata has put Egypt now on the top of the African football teams after its 5th AFC championship. And just as I said before, we are simply the Masters of Africa. Tags: , ,

Celebrating the Blog Post Number 307

This is my post number 307 and that's why I've decided to dedicate it to the good looking car Peugeot 307 ... for more info check this blog post. Tags: , ,

Lucent to Acquire Riverstone

Lucent Technologies agreed to acquire certain net assets of Riverstone Networks for $170 million in cash. The deal includes substantially all of Riverstone's business operations, not including its cash and convertible subordinated notes. Riverstone is a supplier of carrier-grade Ethernet routers for the telecommunications market. Source: Tags: , ,

The new Juniper Secure Services Gateway (SSG) 500 Series

Sometimes having only one box to handle both routing and security is better than two, or at least that's the contention of Juniper Networks.
Juniper SSG-500 Series
Juniper Networks, which today - February 6th 2006 - is celebrating 10 years of existence, is adding a new member to its product family: an integrated secure services gateway appliance that combines enterprise-grade routing, WAN access, firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus and anti-spam into a single box. The new Juniper Secure Services Gateway (SSG) 500 Series appliances take aim at a market segment that could be worth as much as $4 billion according to Juniper. The new products are also squarely aimed at taking share from Cisco Systems. Chris Spain, senior director of product management at Juniper, explained that the SSG 500 series is not made of routers with security bolted on. "It's a security platform that very tightly integrates Juniper's networking, firewall, VPN and IPS and then technology from best-in-class partners for filtering antivirus and anti-spam," Spain said. Source: Tags: , ,

Mass anti-cartoon rally in Beirut

Hundreds of thousands of Shia Muslims in Lebanon have turned a religious ceremony into a protest over cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad. The leader of the Hezbollah militant group told the crowd demonstrations must continue until Europe passed laws banning insults to Muhammad. While the crowds in Beirut chanted "Labayka Ya Rasoul Allah" - At your service, oh Mohammad, at your service, oh Prophet of God. Tags: , ,

Is Trianon Danish ?

Trianon is a well known bakery and cafe here in Egypt, with the phrase "Danish Bakery" in their logo. But the question is, is Trianon really Danish, or it is just an Egyptian bakery making Danish food? As far as I know it is just Egyptian and boycotting it has nothing to do with Denmark ... right?

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The way Edgeio works is that bloggers would post items they want to sell right on their blogs, tagging them with the word "listing" (and eventually other descriptive tags). Then, Edgeio will pluck them as it constantly crawls millions of blogs looking for the "listing" tag and index them on Sources: BusinessWeek, Edigo Tags: , ,

09 February 2006

The Evening of Ashura

Gr33nData , Ashura , Hussein , Iran
The Evening of Ashura, by Mahmoud Farshchian

This is one of the most famous paintings representing the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH) at Karbalaa in the 10th of Muharram 61 AH (approx. 20 October 680 AD). The ladies with the now masterless horse - Zuljana - weeping after the martyrdom of the Imam.
The painting is called "The evening of Ashura" and is drawn by the Iranian artist Mahmoud Farshchian.

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06 February 2006

Triple Play @ Cairo ICT

"In telecommunications, the Triple Play service is a marketing term in the United States for the provisioning of the three services; high-speed Internet, television (Video on Demand or regular broadcasts) and telephone service over a single broadband connection. Triple Play focuses on a combined business model rather than on solving technical issues or a common standard", Wikipedia You can see many companies demoing this technology at Cairo ICT this year like Alcatel, and Salec (Salec are also having demo on controlling your home phone from your PC or TV set). Also TE-Data had a nice demo last year on the same technology. Tags: , ,

Geeks and Chicks

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05 February 2006

ICT Setup ... Ufffffffff !!

Uffffffff, a very long and tiring day setting out companys booth up, as well as preparing for the demo's for the Cairo ICT 2006. Tags: , ,

04 February 2006

Google Video Upload Program

Google has a nice tool to upload your own videos there, so that anyonecan see them
We're accepting digital video files of any length and size. Simply sign up for an account and upload your videos using our Video Uploader (please be sure you own the rights to the works you upload), and, pending our approval process and the launch of this new service, we'll include your video in Google Video, where users will be able to search, preview, purchase and play it
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Google Pack

Google Pack is a free collection of essential software from Google and other companies. The software in the Google Pack helps you browse the web faster, remove spyware and viruses, organize your photos, and more. The pack includes Google Earth, Google Desktop, Picasa, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Google Pack Screensaver, Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition, and Adobe Reader 7. URL: Tags: , ,

03 February 2006


It seems that the social networks are one of the hypes of these days. A social network is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends. One of the well known social networks is hi5. And of course, Google has decided to enter that field by Orkut, which is named after its creator, Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten. But Orkut is somehow different than hi5,, Friendster, Yahoo! 360º, as you have to be invited in order to join it. May be it is still a beta version, so they decided to limit the number of people to join it like what they have done with Gmail. So I have to wait for an invitation in order to join and try it. Finally, I want to know what attracts those companies like Google and Yahoo to such think, is it only the Ads, or do they collect data about people behavior online as well. Orkut: Tags: , ,

Egypt to the ACN Semifinals

CAIRO, Egypt -- Hossam Hassan scored one goal and Ahmed Hassan added two more to help Egypt beat Congo 4-1 and put the hosts in the semifinals of the African Cup of Nations. Spectators and players observed a minute's silence for the victims of Friday's ferry disaster in the Red Sea. Source: Tags: , , FAQ

1- Why did we decide to boycott the Danish product, when it is just one newspaper that have published those cartoons ?
Actually we decided to boycott the Danish products in order to send a message that "we are not just a group of people living in Lalaland, that you can make fun of or insult their religious symbols whenever you want"
2- Do we think this will really have a effect on the Danish people, as there is no much Danish products here to boycott?
I am not sure of it, but I really hope so
3- Do we hate the Danish people?
Sure, we do not hate them. Actually we do not know them even and Denmark for me is just Peter Schmeichel, and some Lurpak butter.
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Egyptian Passenger Ship Sank in The Red Sea

An Egyptian passenger ship carrying about 1,300 people sank in the Red Sea overnight during bad weather, and rescue ships arriving at the scene Friday pulled dozens of bodies from the water, an official said. Thirty survivors were rescued, some in lifeboats. The 35-year-old ship, Al-Salaam Boccaccio 98, went down 40 miles off the Egyptian port of Hurghada, the head of the Egyptian Maritime Authority, Mahfouz Taha Marzouk, told The Associated Press. Source: Tags: , ,

02 February 2006

Solaris Top

The "top" program on Linux provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system. It can display system summary information as well as a list of tasks currently being managed by the Linux kernel, and their CPU, memory usage. On Solaris machines there is an equivalent command called "prstat". Tags: , ,

Net-Force Challenges

Here yu are some nice geek challanges to solve, URL: Tags: , ,


Yahoo! Mail disabled free access to its POP3 service o­n 24th April, 2002. This application emulates a POP3 server and enables popular email clients like Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, Mozilla, etc., to download email from Yahoo! accounts. We do not go against the license agreements of Yahoo! Mail. This application is completely legitimate and well within the realms of legal software. It is available o­n the Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac platforms. URL: Tags: , ,


Google is preparing its own distribution of Linux for the desktop, in a possible bid to take on Microsoft in its core business - desktop software. A version of the increasingly popular Ubuntu desktop Linux distribution, based on Debian and the Gnome desktop, it is known internally as 'Goobuntu'. Google has confirmed it is working on a desktop linux project called Goobuntu, but declined to supply further details, including what the project is for. It's possible that it's just one of the toys Googleplex engineers play with on Fridays, when they get time off from buffing the search engine code or filtering out entries about Tiananmen Square. It could be for wider deployments on the company's own desktops, as an alternative to Microsoft, but still for internal use only. But it's possible Google plans to distribute it to the general public, as a free alternative to Windows. Google has already demonstrated an interest in building a presence on the desktop. At CES Las Vegas this month, it announced the Google Pack, a collection of desktop software bundled together for easy downloading. The pack includes many apps which compete directly with the Windows bundle, such as Google Talk, Google Desktop, Mozilla Firefox, the Trillian instant messenger client, RealPlayer, and Picasa photo management. Going the whole hog and distributing a complete desktop software suite would merely be another step down the same path. However, entering the desktop software world would be a huge step. Making Goobuntu as easy to use as XP will require a lot more development. It's unlikely to be ready for showtime any time soon, and it's possible Google itself hasn't finalised where the project should go.Whatever Google's intentions, the input of Google engineers and developers, writing new features and fixing bugs, will be a huge boost to the Ubuntu project. Ubuntu, funded by the South African internet multimillionaire and occasional cosmonaut Mark Shuttleworth, is already emerging as a leader in the desktop Linux world. It has built considerable momentum in the Linux community, and is starting to appear more widely. Shuttleworth is seeking to persuade white-box PC manufacturers to start shipping machines with Ubuntu preinstalled. It is top of the Distrowatch download chart, is installed on up to six million computers, and doubling every eight months, according to estimates from Shuttleworth's company, Canonical. It has spawned a number of different offshoots, including Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu (for schools). Source: Tags: , ,


The main goal of nUbuntu is to create a distribution which is derived from the Ubuntu distribution, and add packages related to security testing, and remove unneeded packages, such as Gnome,, and Evolution. Some of the main security packages: * Aircrack * Airsnort * Bluesnarfer * DSniff * EtherApe * Ethereal * Ettercap * ExploitTree * FragRouter * Honeyd * IISEmulator * John the Ripper * Kismet * Metasploit * Nemesis * Nessus * Nikto * NMap * Samdump2 * SSLDump * VNCrack * Void11 URL: Tags: , ,

Spell with Flickr

One Letter / GRrr3claim check 3N, Seattle IMGP3678AtA Spell with Flickr is a small program that lets you type in whatever you want, then goes to flickr and grabs pictures for each an every letter! It also allows you to change the images that you see, so you can find better images for your word or phrase! URL: Tags: , ,

Germany'06 vs Egypt'06

It's really weird that 3 of the 5 African nations who have been qualified to the world cup that will be held in Germany this year were not able to go the second stage - quarter finals - of the African Nations Cup held here in Egypt. Frankly teams like Angola and Togo do not deserve to represent Africa in the world cup; However this is football, and we have to accept its surprises. Tags: , ,

01 February 2006

The Uncivilized Vikings

I like drawing, especially cartoons and anime. And I really think that a cartoonist can deliver a message with his brush, a 100 lines article can't deliver. But like any other writer he must know that there is a big difference between speaking freely, and being a real ass hole. The point is that you can say whatever you want, without insulting the others. And that's why "we were deeply shocked seeing a Danish newspaper (Jyllands Posten) offending almost 1 billion Muslims around the world by publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed - PBUH&HF - seen as a terrorist carrying bombs on his head!

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Cisco VPN gear vulnerable to DoS attacks

Organizations running certain Cisco VPN gear may be susceptible to a remote denial-of-service attack that could knock out network connections for teleworkers or traveling employees accessing a corporate network over the Internet. A flaw in the Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator could cause the device to reload or drop user connections if an attacker sends a specially-crafted HTTP packet to the device, the vendor says. Source: Tags: , ,

Build Root

Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches that makes it easy generate a cross-compilation toolchain and root filesystem for your target Linux system using the uClibc C library. Buildroot is useful mainly for people working with small or embedded systems. Embedded systems often use processors that are not the regular x86 processors everyone is used to using on their PC. It can be PowerPC processors, MIPS processors, ARM processors, etc. And to be extra safe, you do not need to be root to build or run buildroot. Link: Tags: , ,

DLink ADSL Modem Spex

D-Link DSL-xxxT is a family of MIPS 4KEc AR7 and Linux-based ADSL Routers designed for home or office use. The family includes DSL-300T, DSL-302T, DSL-500T, DSL-504T, and DSL-G604T. All DSL-xxxT devices use ADAM2 bootloader. D-Link DSL-xxxT firmware is based on the MontaVista Linux.
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