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17 December 2010

Fuck! Yahoo is shutting Delicious down!

People everywhere all over twitter are arguing if Mark Zuckerberg deserves to be named Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2010 or not. But on the other hand, I am sure we all have to agree who really deserves to be the arse of the year. Or may be the arse of the decade if you want.

Yahoo was an internet search company ages before the birth of Google. And now, they sold their soul to Microsoft and Yahoo Search is just an interface for Bing! Yahoo created GeoCities ages before the real blogging hype. Blogs came, then came micro-blogs, and GeoCities stood stand still. And recently GeoCities was discontinued. Yahoo 360 and MyBlogLog were there when Zuckerberg was still using nappies. They were there before Facebook Connect and Google Friend connect, and guess what, the two services are discontinued now. FireEagle is such a brilliant idea, it's the mother of all Gowalla/Foursquare thing, and now it's been more than a year with no significant development there and seems that it will be shut-down soon. Yahoo's Webring and Briefcase are also dead now. And finally my most beloved services that Yahoo ever had are Delicious and Flickr, and today I heard that Delicious is to be shut-down soon, and God only knows when Flickr will be shut-down too.

Every company has its failures, and there is a rule of thumb that roughly 50% of acquisitions fails. Google had its failures too. Google's Wave and Buzz suck a big time. But the difference here is that Yahoo doesn't give its product the chance to succeed or fail, they just shut them down blindly. Only a looser can have a service as successful as Delicious and shut it down, and it requires a huge amount of dumbness to turn successful services like GeoCities, Yahoo Search, and MyBlogLog into failures.

A few months ago Yahoo made - AFAIK - the first acquisition ever of an Arab company in the field of technology. The target of their multi-million acquisition was one of the crappiest Arab companies ever, Maktoob! I've encountered few of their products, such as their blog-hosting service, and it was so 1990's.

Delicious! I really can't believe it! So what the heck is really left out of Yahoo? Their email!? Ok, this one really sucks, and it sure should have been discontinued ages ago instead of Delicious.

In case you haven't noticed yet, I used to be a big Yahoo fan. I used create accounts in almost all of their services, even those obscure ones. Yet now, it's sad to admit that it looks like Yahoo is dying.

Finally, I need your recommendations now for migrating my bookmarks. Meh, should I migrate to those crappy service that I used to hate, such as Diigo and StumbleUpon :(

Update: Apparently they are going to spin Delicious off instead of shutting it down.