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11 November 2005

Iraqi Daily News!

"A series of attacks in the Iraqi capital Thursday targeted police and civilians, including a suicide bombing at a restaurant that killed at least 34 people, Iraqi police said", CNN.
This 20 days old baby was killed with his family few days earlier It seems that he was co-operating with the U.S. occupation forces!
So, are we supposed to get used to these daily news of those insane suicide bombers!? And shall we get used to seeing dozens killed everyday just because those ill-minded bastards think that they will go to heaven by blowing their dirty bodies up into innocent people!? Tags: , ,


  1. I think that we have a moral obligation to not "get used to" the daily attacks.

  2. And you think that anybody can get used to this !!?

  3. People get used to all kinds of things. Look at the Germans who lived downwind of the concentration camps.

  4. I agree with Laura.

    Well, her first comment, at least. ;p

  5. I can only imagine what the children caught in these attacks must be feeling, the bruises and cuts on their fragile bodies, the dried blood, the confusion and turmoil. These images haunt everyone with a conscience.
    Osama and his followers want to die in a Holy War and nationalize the Arabs against the west.
    He said it in 1998. They want to go to heaven and die as martyrs.My sympathies to the families of all those injured/killed in the bombings NO ONE is immune from terrorism.

  6. too much violence. in words too.

  7. Upol: You are right, but I am pissed off of these terrorists especially that they calim that they are doing so in the name of Allah and Islam.

  8. Tarek, it breaks my heart, too. As long as man has existed, however, there has been turmoil, killing, and craziness. We cannot always control the behavior of others, but we can control how we react or respond to that behavior.

    Seeing children being victimized, I think, reflects the most morally reprehensible and darkest side of man. But you and I both know that terrorists are not rational people. And they are very selfish. For that reason, we cannot expect to reason with them.

    This is not a place for a sermon or lecture. I think we all understand why you are ticked off. So are we. But somehow we must take that energy - that passion - and funnel it into positive channels. Go with God.