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02 November 2005

Publish Now, Or Save It For Tomorrow !?

Sometimes you find yourself having too many topics to talk about in your own blog and some other times you can't find anything to say. So do you think that saving posts for the future is a good idea? Just write the ideas in your blog and save them as draft and publish them later so that your blog users will find your blog being updated frequently. But on the other hand, do you really think that your mind can run out of ideas and new topics? Why not just publish whatever is in your mind now and sure you'll find something to write about tomorrow? As for me I prefer the "Just post what is in your mind now" more than the "Save some posts for tomorrow", as I think that the more you write and the more comments you recive on what you wrote, the more ideas you get in your mind. Tags: , ,


  1. "As for me I prefer the "Just post what is in your mind now"

    Me too :-)

  2. May be that's why you're called "Me" :)

  3. So it's OK that I made five posts yesterday? I thought I had lost my mind!

  4. i just can't figure out how u ppl find time for writing all these like a lot of things happens through my day i tell myself...ok it's a blogging material i should write about it...but the day comes to an end without any writing...but writing forward...i can't see how!