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26 November 2005

You've Got a Mail from The FBI

IF it says it's from the US Central Intelligence Agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation, avoid it like the plague. An e-mail is going around, claiming to be from the CIA or FBI. And if you open it using Windows, you'll be in big trouble. Source:,4136,97983,00.html

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  1. Thanx for the tip.
    I thought you will be back with some stories about your trip, maybe some site seeings, or even some business fights:)

  2. Where did you go? Who did you see? How many pretty girls did you meet?

  3. Ohh..I received it before, pls beware ppl...quite convincing...

  4. Alot of phising emails are coming these days from scammers pretending to come from british banks like Barclays and others ,it's very boring to receive tens of them every day.

  5. Thanks for the warning Tarek ... keep them coming :-) & welcome back...