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31 December 2005

Python IDE

You may try Eric as a free Python Integrated Development Environment. It is a full featured Python (and Ruby) IDE that is written by Detlev Offenbach using PyQt. URL: Eric3 Python IDE Tags: , ,


  1. finally i found an egyptian interested in python ....i'm starting to learn it using a byte of python book
    i code under both Windows and Linux
    do u have any thing to help me in starting learnig this lang

  2. You may start by this,
    and this,
    Then see this,

    Also I am planning to make a mailing list for the Egyptian Python Lovers
    And may be later we can arrange with eglug for an Intro to Python or so

  3. Thanx man ...that would be gr8
    the python docs are way too complicated
    i'm starting with ' byte of python' to get the general idea
    then switch to the DOCS and get deeper into python
    the mailing list is a gr8 idea
    good luck