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24 December 2005

Kubuntu = Ubuntu + KDE

Ubuntu is a Linux distro based on Debian and uses Gnome as Desktop Manager (GDM), and there is a branch of Ubuntu that uses KDE (KDM) instead called Kubuntu. So today I tried to install KDesktop on Ubuntu, but unfortunately I was not satisfied with it. I think it is too heavy and crashes all the time. May be I was supposed to install Kubuntu in the first place, and may be it's new KDE versions that suck. Tags: , ,


  1. What flavour of Linux are you comfortable with? And what desktop environment do you like most, Gnome or KDE?

    I managed to successfully install Ubuntu on two machines (mine and another at college). I liked Gnome's look and feel and the installation process was a breeze. Just wish I could enable Ubuntu to identify the GigaRAID IT8212 controller that's built-in my motherboard. Otherwise, I'll have to stop using my CD-ROM drive and do with the writer instead. Damn, why didn't I just get a SATA HDD when I had the chance. :$

  2. My favorites are Ubunut (and Gnome), I used RedHat, Mandrake, and Slackware but Ubuntu rulez

  3. I use ubuntu too but i'm a kde user
    so i installed kde 3.5 which was packed after the official release of ubuntu 5.10
    and it was fantastic i only had a starange problem about my screen resolution and after 2 hours of playing with my xorg.conf file i manged to adjust it.
    ubuntu + kde rules and can't be compared with any other distro except arabian 0.6 rc1 wich is a fantastic distro