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03 June 2006

Africa Catching India for Call Center Locations

African countries typically offer a low-cost location, workers that often have excellent language skills, and governments and private companies that are working to attract outsourcing contracts, according to Datamonitor, a U.K. research company. Morocco and Tunisia are ideal spots for outsourcing customer care operations that serve French speakers, although Morocco is also developing English and Spanish speaking talent as well. Egypt is already a popular customer care center location and promises to continue to be. South Africa, with a workforce that typically speaks English, is already a dominant and maturing market for outsourced service centers.
Source: Network World
More companies like Equant, Microsoft, as well as banks are moving their call centers to Egypt. I think people here in Egypt are technically talanted, however they need to develop more language skill, especially in languages like English, French, Spanish, and may be Deutsch as well.

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