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03 June 2006

mIRC, I hate the Egyptian Channels

I never liked mIRC, and every now and then I decide to use it, but I find myself hating it more and more. What pisses me off of it most is the moderators and admins there, expecially in the Egyptian channels. They are there just to kick people all the time. They kick you if they do not like your nickname, or if you post some other channel address. They may also kick you if you talk too much, or if you do not talk at all. Sometimes they have bots that kick and ban people just for no specific reason. In a dial-up environment they may ban an IP address, and it may happen that you take that specific IP from your ISP when you log into the net, so you are just banned. I think there must be better Egyptian mIRC channels, other than the nasty #egypt, #cairo, #maadi, etc, because these ones really suck with their idiot admins and foolish bots.

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