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03 June 2006

Big Brother is Reading Your Email

"Big Brother is not only watching but he is also reading your e-mail. According to a new study, about a third of big companies in the United States and Britain hire employees to read and analyze outbound e-mail as they seek to guard against legal, financial or regulatory risk", Wired News.
They may be really concerend about info leakage, but is it ethical to read their employees emails? I think they are supposed at least to tell them that their emails will be monitored.

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  1. I think you have to assume that the company can at any time look into what you are doing with company resources, and that includes emailing from work; especially if your email address incorporates the company name. In fact, anything that you keep at work arguably belongs to your employer, for example, notes that you keep about things you are doing or about other employees. I learned this in management training. You cannot assume that anything is personal unless you keep it at home, and even that isn't absolute. For instance, you can complain about your employer on your personal blog and be fired for it.