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03 June 2006

Blue Blog

One of my friends was asking me about an idea for her graduation project. I came out with an idea that I want to know if it really exists or not. It's a mobile blog, i.e. people can have a tiny web-server on their mobile phones with some blogging script. They may then publish their blog posts there, for anyone in their bluetooth range to see these posts, and may be comment on them too. They may also have some files (ringtones, images, and softwares) on their mobiles to be shared for others to download. Cafes and stores may use the Blue Blog technology to publish some Ads and announce offers to their customers, restaurants may use it to display their menus too.

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  1. if your friend are willing to do something good, I suggest something more technical than blog sw, something can be that can be used in the IEEE competion.

  2. the blue blog :D.. lazem tfshi ser el project :P

  3. how can i reach mr. abdel halim.. he looks into the zone and might got ideas..

    i am in dead need for an awsome project idea to implement.. asap