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02 June 2006

Mozilla and Google Calendars Integration

You now know about the online Google Calendar, but what about being able to see your appointments there from your desktop Mozilla/Thunderbird Calendar. Here you are the steps in order to do so.
  1. In Google Calendar press on "Settings", then go to "Calendars" tab, and then press on "Share this Calendar".
  2. Now go to "Calendar Details", and press on the "iCal" green button in the "Private Address" section, and copy the URL you get.
  3. Now in your Mozilla Calendar, press "Ctrl+L", the choose remote, and press next.
  4. Choose WebDAV, and enter the URL you got from Step One, and press next again.
  5. Give your new calendar a name and colour, and press next, then finish.
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1 comment:

  1. I was just thinking today how this functionality would be useful! Many thanks for posting this it has helped me a lot.