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18 February 2006

Has Network Security Gone Too Far?

"I wrote today about how many network managers now ban Skype (other popular things to ban are pop3 e-mail, instant messaging and other free Web 2.0-style tools) that are very much liked by end users. The reason often cited is network security: These programs cannot be centrally controlled and may introduce an encrypted path behind a firewall. Security is a real concern for a network manager, but when people in a company are prevented from using the best tools out there (that are often free, to boot), it makes you wonder. Has network security gone too far? Any other examples of reflexive banning by networks?", Thomas Crampton @ IHT Blog Actually, sometimes people are over protective especially when the media keeps on scaring them - like the Avian Flu hype. Some other times managers think that they can prevent their employees from doing some non-business related stuff during the working hours. But on the other hand many of these tools can be helpful to their business if the were used in the right way. Skype can be used to do calls between desperate branches freely. P2P applications can be used to get their competitors price lists, and confidential reports. Also workers may sometimes need to have rest in order to improve their productivity. Finally I think the optimum solution is not to block the whole apllication, but only granually control it. Tags: , ,

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