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14 February 2006

Valentines's Day Wishes

I wish there will be some way to move Lebanon near El Guiza. I wish there will be some some shop to get girls from, and people can go there and read the different girls Data Sheets before getting them. I wish there will be some day where people can port Linux to girls so that they can read their source code easily I wish there will be some brush where you can draw the girl you want with Tags: , ,


  1. If you need the data sheets so you can understand girls, I can give you one quick hint: girls probably will not appreciate your conversation if you refer to "people" in such a way that it is clear that girls are not people.

    But I think my daughter would like it if boys had data sheets. Occasionally she has asked me why boys are so stupid. There was one boy in particular whom she really liked in high school, who sometimes acted very immature. I told her that sometimes when you go fishing you catch a fish that is so small it's not worth fooling with. You help it off the hook and toss it back in the water. If you run across that same fish a few years later, it might have matured enough to be worth the trouble of reeling it in. Now that they are in college in separate states, they sometimes call or email each other, so we'll see what happens.

    So maybe it would help you to think of girls as fish. On second thought, they might not appreciate that either.

  2. I am not with you it is not about immaturety all the time. And about the data sheets, it is a way to use technical vocabulary in order to describe non-technical stuff.

  3. By the way, thinking of humans in a technical way is much better than Michael Noer's "Economics of Prostitution" way

  4. OMG!!! i wished for the same wish u wished first:) but i was not that specific (near el guiza-lol) i just wished it could be just near to egypt w 7'alas :D
    happy valentine's day...i know it's late...sorry:$