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27 February 2006

Yahoo! Is Fighting Back

Yahoo had lost the battle of Web search with Google, however they started to fight back lately using a "Monkey See, Monkey Do" approach. Google made blogspot, so Yahoo introduced Yahoo 360. Yahoo's mail is now 1 Gig after seeing Gmail's 2 Gig storage. Yahoo are also planning to have an equivalent to Google's AdSense soon. So what attracts people to Google more than Yahoo !!? I myself used to us Yahoo for ages as my preferred search engine. But later on, I decided to make Google my browser's home page because of it light interface that loads faster. I think yahoo has change their web page interface as well or even have a light-version of it. YIM is much better than Google Talk. I have both of them installed on my PC but I rarely use YIM and never use Google Talk, It's MSN that I use most of the time and Skype sometimes. But the recent move that Google made by integrating Google Talk into Gmail made me use it more. Tags: , ,

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