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16 February 2006

One-Third of the American Internet Users Go Online Just for Fun

"Nearly one-third of American Internet users go online just for fun rather than to check e-mail, read news or use a search engine, a sharp increase from a year ago, according to a survey released Wednesday. A survey of 1,931 Internet users conducted by Pew in late November and December 2005 found 30 percent of respondents said they went online for no particular reason on the previous day. That was up from 21 percent in a November 2004 survey. The survey also showed that 34 percent of online men were surfing for fun on an average day in December, compared with 26 percent of women. When it comes to other online pursuits, Pew said that sending or receiving e-mail ranked highest with 52 percent of Internet users saying they did this on a typical day. Using a search engine ranked second with 38 percent, while reading news online was third with 31 percent", CNET News So, what about Egyptins anyway, I think more than 60% go there for fun. I also think Chatting, Checking Emails, and Visiting Porn Sites wil be their major activities online. Then comes Blogging, News reading, and at last few numbers doing Business and Researches. Tags: , ,

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