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10 February 2006

The new Juniper Secure Services Gateway (SSG) 500 Series

Sometimes having only one box to handle both routing and security is better than two, or at least that's the contention of Juniper Networks.
Juniper SSG-500 Series
Juniper Networks, which today - February 6th 2006 - is celebrating 10 years of existence, is adding a new member to its product family: an integrated secure services gateway appliance that combines enterprise-grade routing, WAN access, firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus and anti-spam into a single box. The new Juniper Secure Services Gateway (SSG) 500 Series appliances take aim at a market segment that could be worth as much as $4 billion according to Juniper. The new products are also squarely aimed at taking share from Cisco Systems. Chris Spain, senior director of product management at Juniper, explained that the SSG 500 series is not made of routers with security bolted on. "It's a security platform that very tightly integrates Juniper's networking, firewall, VPN and IPS and then technology from best-in-class partners for filtering antivirus and anti-spam," Spain said. Source: Tags: , ,

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