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27 February 2006

Sky By Broadband

Sky Digital the British digital satellite television service has decided to introduce a new service for its customers called Sky by broadband.
"Sky by broadband is a new service exclusive to Sky digital customers. It allows you to enjoy hundreds of films on your PC, including a mix of Hollywood blockbusters and classic movie titles available on Sky Movies. In addition, you can enjoy highlights from many of the major sporting events on Sky Sports. You'll also need to have a PC with Windows XP and we recommend a broadband connection of at least 1MB",
TEData, the Egyptian ISP has made an IP based VoD (Video on Demand) demo last year at Cairo ICT. But the point is that the Content Providers here in the Middle East such as ART, Orbit, etc. are still using the conventional satellite broadcasting technologies. May be they do not see any benefit from migrating to TV over IP and Video on Demand, however the ISP's shall try to encourage them to such move, as they will get benefit from people upgrading their connection bandwidth from 256kbps to 1Mbps or 2Mbps. They can also offer the bandwidth as well as the content as a bundle in order to attract more customers. Tags: , ,

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