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13 February 2006

Locking the Open Source

"A few weeks ago a long-time source said she'd been hearing "strong" rumors that Oracle was on the hunt again. This time for JBoss, the Atlanta-based app server fave. Now BusinessWeek reports that Oracle is talking not only with JBoss but with Sleepycat Software of Emeryville, Calif., and Zend of Cupertino, Calif", This is not the first case of acquisitions of Open Source companies by mainsteam ones. There was CheckPoint acquisition of Snort, Tellabs and Nessus, Novell and Suse, etc. The point is how Open Source companies should be valued. Imagine Programmer-X doing some development in Product-Y, then comes some monster company and buys such product giving nothin to that developer. Actually I don't know who is the ones who get peid in such cases. Also such moves may have a really bad effect on open source software industry. Imagine the case when Apache, Python, or even Linux Kernel being bought by some nasty comapnies forcing people to pay money for using them, this wll be the worst nightmare for the whole Open Source movement. Tags: , ,