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15 February 2006

Oracle buys Sleepycat

Oracle has acquired open-source database vendor Sleepycat Software, strengthening its hand in the embedded database market and putting to rest at least one of the rumors about its plans to buy open-source companies. The acquisition extends Oracle's embedded database product line, which also includes Oracle Lite for mobile devices and TimesTen, which it acquired last year, for high-performance in-memory database applications. Sleepycat's Berkeley DB is embedded in several well-known open-source products, including the Linux and BSD Unix operating systems, Apache Web server, OpenLDAP directory and OpenOffice productivity suite, Oracle said Tuesday Source: Computer World Tags: , ,


  1. It would be nice to see Oracle pump up the Base component of It's definitely got some nice features but the reporting capabilities are currently a bit on the low-end side.

  2. The embedded db in OOo 2.0 is otherwise the not so well-known hsqldb.