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23 September 2005

Block-Checker Removal

I have noticed lately that many people are infected by a spyware (adware) called Block-Checker. It sends automatic messages to the MSN contacts asking them to download this software in order to see who is blocking them, while it is a piece of crap that do nothing but showing some Ads and spying on you. Any ways, here is how to remove it if you are infected.
  1. Press ctrl+alt+del then choose processes tab and end the "block-checker" process.
  2. Go to the block checker folder( e.g. c:\program files\block-cheker) and delete the folder.
  3. Go to run > type regedit > press F3 and find every record with the name "blockcheck" and delete it (This step is optional)
Spread the word, and don't forget to inform me if it solves your problem.


  1. Nice blog that I have discovered today. Will get back to this and explore. I hope to enjoy here.

  2. Thanks and you are always welcomed here.

  3. thanks, i stupidly downloaded that it gone. woo

  4. the instructions to get rid of 'block checker' are good but my compter doesnt have a prosses tab and i cant get rid of blockchecker and it is driving me crazy.
    Please help me!!!

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