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29 August 2006

About the Interview NewTV made with Sayed Nasrollah

There have been a lot of buzz about what Said Hassan Nasrollah said during the interview made with him on New TV Channel
"So Hassan Nasrallah comes out on television and says that he did not expect the magnitude of Israel's response and that if he knew that so much destruction would ensue, he would not have kidnapped the two soldiers", Snefru

Some are saying that it shows that he was wrong in the first place, and what the Saudi officials said describing the capturing of the Israeli soldier as an immature act was right. Others are saying that it is better to commit the faults you've done than denying them.
I think we have to commit that there is a big difference between owr policies, and single actions within the whole plan. What I want to say here, that Hizbollah didn't and will never regret their resistive ideology and their policy towards Israel. However what Sayed Nasrollah said was that, if he knew that the cost of capturing the two Israeli soldiers was going to be that number of victims among Lebanese civilians, he would have reconsidered that action. Which is normal, and it shows that he cares about the lives of the Lebanese civilians, and Lebanon's infrastructure, and not as many others used to say.
And now if we ask ourselves, and why didn't Nasrollah know that Israel is going to take such response in the first place. I guess no one on earth think that it is reasonable or ethical or whatever to kill thousands of Lebanese civilians, destroy their homes and infrastructure just because some party there has captured two of their soldiers. And I am sure that no one ever expected such severe response from Israel. And guess what, the action of capturing personnel's from both sides is not a new one, and it's happened dozens of times before, either by the Israelis or Hezbollah, and the response used to be firing some rockets from here, and launching some air raids from there, and nothing more.

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