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24 August 2006

Amr El Abyad, fel Yom El Eswed

The whole story started here, when I saw a comment made by an anonymous user saying that "Saddam hussein al Tikrity was the last noble great Arab since Saladin (Arabised kurd)". Actually, I thought that he was kidding, because I didn't imagine that there is someone on this planet who says something like this. But unfortunately it came out that he was not kidding at all, and that he really meant every single word of what he said. And that anonymous user came out to be called Amr El Abyad later on.
"It was Amr El Abyad, Aonymous. Am going to discuss it with Tarek in his Blogger", Amr El Abyad
He then decided to continue his debate here.
"Please tell me why you think what i said abou Sadam Hussien Funny ? I was very serious and am willing to discusss it with you if you want", Amr El Abyad
So, I found my self forced to reply, however I think it is really trivial to argue about something like this that is supposed to be very clear.
"So, you really think that 'Saddam hussein al Tikrity was the last noble great Arab since saladin (arabised kurd)'. Even after knowing about the assasinations he was part of before ruling, and the exessive use of chemical weapons in Halabja killing thousands (15,000 victims I guess) of innocent kurds, and attacking Kuwait for no specific reason. Let's not talk about the continuous massacres he did to his own people and the mass graves, because I am sure you'll tell me that they deserved it, or that they were all thieves or so. And away from his crimes, what did he actually do to any other Arabic country? Unless you consider his support to some Christian groups during the Lebanese civil war as support to the whole Arab world", Me
And guess what, Amr decided to continue his hide and seek game, and continued his debate here. Here you are parts of what he said.
"The Arabs wasted their oil money in buying aeroplanes and prostituting in London and Paris, as well as turning their countries into service based economies for intercontinental trade. In the mean time our oil that is being exported to the west creates their fortune, power and weapons that are keeping us underneath. Kuwait made use of the economic difficulties iraq was going through due to to its ambitious industrlisation and HI Tec military complexes projects.And pumped more tha its share to bring the oil prices down. their pimp sheikhs was asking the Americans to do somethin about the pan Arab Sadam", Amr El Abyad
So, according to Amr El Abyad's point of view, any country has the right to declare war on another one and occupy it, just because they do not know how to spend their money well.
He then continued.
"About the Kurds. During the that time militant kurds took refugee in the mountains and braught in dirty iranian commandos into the iraqi soil. Now to make the point clear, i will make use of a hypothetical scenario. in 1973 thee nubians rebel and ask for an independent state. Moreover, they collaborate with israelians and facilitate the infiltration of israeli commandoas behind the Egyptian lines!!!!!! . Another scenario is a war between the us and mexico and American mexicans collaborating with the mexicans". Amr El Abyad
Come on, let's say that those evil Kurds really wanted to rebel - however I am not really sure of it. Is bombing their countries, killing civilians with forbidden chemecial weapons, taregeting innocent women and children, is this an acceptable response!? What about those mass graves, and the victems were not kurds by the way, did they want to rebel too. So it's the Kurds, Shiits, Turkuman, and everyone wanted to rebel, and Saddam is the only patriot person in Iraq!?
I think what happened in 2003, when the Iraqi army didn't fight the Americans, and Baghdad was occupied in few hours, made it clear that no one in Iraq wanted that person and they were really pissed off of him, so that they prefered not to fight the occupying forces to protecting that dictator. Don't you remember the scene of the Iraqis slapping Saddam's statues with their shoes, and spitting on his picture. What a great leader is that one that every single human in his country hates him that much!
Ok, we may hate what USA do, and we may be against its occupoation to an Arab country, but don't let that hatred make us blind to see the bad deeds of someone, because he was against it for sometime.
P.S. Mr. Amr El Abyad's moved again, and made a newer reply here. Amr, please make all your comments in a single location, it's hard for me as well as th readers to track your replies. Or else, I'll find myself forced to make a contest here with $1,000,000 prize for the one who'll be able to track your replies successfully.

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